Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Comic Inspirations (IMG heavy)

So I was thinking of other inspirations that at I have gathered over the years and realized- there are a few graphic novels that have influenced my "goth-dom."

Being a young spooky kid, a cartoon that caught my eye was Invader Zim.

                                                  (This is Gir. He's crazy.)

I liked the humor- it was dark yet gross and witty in an odd sense. I learned that I liked Jhonen Vasquez and read his other stuff too. The comic that started it all was "Squee."

It's about a little boy (also shown in "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac") and the random weird events that encompass his life.

From here on, I learned about JTHM ("Johnny the Homicidal Maniac") and read that too. Here's how many people know him.

A little side-comic within the JTHM comic is Anne Guish (punny, no?). I like her character too, she's type-cast as a stereotypical goth and brings me LOL's.
                                             (Overuse of the word "dark".  ... and eyeliner.)

                                                            (Yeah, she BELONGS).

A love interest in the JTHM comic named Devi had her own spin-off comic called "I Feel Sick." It's about a young artist (Devi) whose painting starts interfering with her life. I love her character for some reason I can't really tell, she gets the most pictures because of my love for her. :P
                                                           (Just a typical Saturday night)

                                                                         (At a club)

                                                                 (Attempting to date)

                                                                       (With JTHM)

Don't leave just yet! This isn't just a post about Jhonen Vasquez (I swearz!). Another quintessential typical goth graphic novel I love is "The Crow." I love the imagery and the poetry and the story and... *swoons* Yes I'm lame, but if you're a goth and don't know The Crow...      .......... yeah.

Much lesser known to the goth community is my favorite goth model/photographer/designer/artist/person-in-the-world, Laura Ziba Caraway. Her creations are really cool too, though not at all as heavy as the subject matter in "The Crow" nor as frivolous as Jhonen. Observe.

These next two are ones I've read online but don't own (sad face).

The first is Hellsing. It's about Alucard (King of the Vampires)- he kills freaks (rogue vampires) along with Seras Victoria, a policegirl he converted to vampirism. (I have this DVD).

Though this next one is aimed towards a younger audience (like 13 or so), I LOOOVE the artword. It's called Bizenghast. Just look at the cover in all it's Victorian Steampunky splendor. I will raise my future daughters on this.

That's all for now. I'd do a blog on my favorite books, but I have a feeling like that'd be a series of posts. I'll try to categorize by author's. :P

What about you guys? Do you like comics? Graphic novels? What's your libel junk food? <3!

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Unlacing the Victorians said...

Try "Nightmares and Fairytales" by Serena Valentino. It's a gothic take on already grim popular fairytales (pun totally intended) that usually throws in a few interesting and unexpected twists where one least expects it.

The "Bone" comics are fun too, but that's got more of a LoTR/epic tale sort of take on the actual storyline with quite a bit of humor thrown in between important events.