Sunday, May 29, 2011

Epic Package Pt. I

Good morning, oh spookily inclined ones!

So I woke up to a great day today! I went into the living room and saw a package on the armchair near our front door. I looked at it and my heart leapt with joy as soon as I saw this.

It was for me! I had ordered from a website from one of my favorite goth bands- Collide. Their stuff is handmade and I heard of good quality, so I finally ordered some stuff. Little did I know how awesome the packaging would be! I cut open the big envelope carefully with scissors (I am a horrible HORRIBLE letter opener) and out slipped this.

It was my whole order, carefully wrapped with black tissue paper and sealed with this sticker/stamp.

I love that emblem! I carefully peeled back the sticker (to save) and this was what my order looked like.

At first I thought I got the wrong order because there was so much paper stuff enclosed, but I had opened the package so I thought "Might as well go on." They also enclosed a sweet treat for me too. :3

At the top of the paper pile was a cardboard paper note (you can see it in the photo above the candy, I don't want to post too many photos and kill your computers), the insides of which said...

My heart stopped. The two main members of the band are kaRIN and Static, and from what I've seen from her fans photos... THIS IS HER SIGNATURE!!!!!!! I did a little spooky dance then moved on to the rest of the stack.

The rest of these are fliers and this one is from a side project that they were involved in called The Secret Meeting Place. And yes, that's the lovely kaRIN seated in the chair.

Added to that is their clothing line called Saints and Sinners. I really like their stuff- it's good quality at a reasonable price unlike other spooky stores (*coughcough HeavyRed coughcough*). On the flip side of that flier is this.
Again, the lovely kaRIN as well as a discography of all their CD's along the bottom of the flier. I've always loved her sense of fashion, it's really unique.

Here's another flier for their S&S store with the GORGEOUS model Kato. She has these huge blue eyes that makes your heart melt, and these thick beautiful lips and gorgeous skin. She dresses steampunk most of the time and is really cool. I first discovered her on Myspace. :3

Kambriel + stripey dress = WIN. 'nuff said. On the back of the stripey dress card was this. I like how vintage-y it looks, almost like a long lost postcard.

Another industrial band that is pretty cool is Android Lust. I've heard of them but never bought or listened to them, but I'm definitely inspired now.
The back of that flier showing their discography.

Just below that flier I saw this. I recognized the signature immediately, but didn't understand why she'd sign a small booklet flier.


I FLIPPED out!!! A SIGNED POSTER from one of my favorite bands! And I didn't buy it! They just included it because they're awesome like that! BOTH OF THEM SIGNED IT.

This is why I had to post something about my order- with small handmade vendors, they genuinely care about their customers. They don't just jam your order into a hacky sack and mail it to you, they care about their customers. These are people who are touched that people actually want to buy their things. With the rise of commercialism and monopolizations of corporations, people are getting lost. But with smaller vendors, not only do you get awesome things, but you know it's one of a kind and unique in it's own aspect.
End rant.

Look at my next post to see what I actually ordered, haha! <3!

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