Sunday, May 29, 2011

Epic Package Pt. III

I don't know how to start this series anymore... so let's get on with it!

Though I've liked Collide for some time now, I never had much of anything of them on my walls. Probably because I haven't any new magazine clippings of them (I used to buy Gothic Beauty magazine religiously, but not no mores).

I REALLY loved my purchase and was so happy and excited with all the free swag I got with it, just look!

I looked over my television and saw the empty wall. To the left is spooky stuff (you can see my Collide stuff on the bottom) and to the right was my family photos montage, but there was a hole in the middle.

I used to have a poster there, but it would fall and knock stuff down so I took it down. I got out the board and opened that sucker up (sorry for the dirty carpet).

I began to block things together. This flier was already on my wall, and they both were the same. I took it off my wall and arranged it side by side with it's flip side.

This (SIGNED!!!) card had the same front emblem as the sticker I had taken off from the front of this package, so I put it on the inner left side of the card and taped it down carefully.

I began to work. I knew I wanted to use EVERYTHING (tissue paper too) so I put everything down on the plastic where I wanted it, and began to layer stuff on top. This is what the back looked like when I was done.

Lame I know, but check out the front. OHHHH YEAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

I put the swag down on the plastic, then cut out magazine pages that had black paper with white letters (thank you Gothic beauty!!!) and used the tissue paper as a background. I'm really happy with the way it came out, the tissue paper adds a cool dimension to it, I think.

I layered pages of articles and quotes over one another so they overlapped. One could read it, but I liked how scattered it looked.

I've done this other times in the past with my other wall mounts- I would tape stuff onto an old poster or some Christmas wrapping paper and pin them up wherever I wanted. You don't necessarily need a fabric covered tack board... though those are nice too.
I love my new board. It shall rest upon my useless, unused t.v. for now until I mount it on my wall. I love this thing soo much, it shall be mounted with pride. <3!

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Are you going to the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA?