Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Experience with Dreadlocks

Hello everyone!

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So, I've been more or less obsessed with dreadlocks these past few days. Well, I've always kinda been wanting them. I have hair down to my arse and I wanted to dread it in high school. Having gone to a private school since 5th grade means strict dress code though, so dreads were a no go.

With more free time of this summer, I've been researching dreadlocks- how to make them, how to maintain them, how to clean them, etc. I still don't have the courage to get them, but I've been making and wearing my own dreadlocks, and this channel has reeeally helped me:

Doctored Locks is a company that deals with hair supplies, and on their channel, they have a ton of videos on how to make dreads (single ended and double ended), what type hair to use, how to make a dreading station, what tools you'll need, how to set them (in multiple ways for those of us without a steamer), and even how to style them in candycanes, stripes, and harleyquinns!

I'm so excited, especially knowing that I have a hair supplier a block away that sells Kanekalon jumbo braid hair for about $2, squee! I intend to stock up and make myself a bigger selection of dreads. I don't wear them too often, but I'm learning how to style them in MY hair. I have long wavy/curly/schizophrenic hair down to my arse in a natural dark brown color, and I was kind of hesitant to put crayon colored hair on my own head.

In this photo, I began a braid from my temple behind my bangs and braided it all the way down to the ends. Having secured the dread alongside the braid, I put my hair in a ponytail and candycane'd my braid into the dreadlock. Backcomb the ends of your hair with the dread and hairspray the rest into place, and voila! I really like this result. I just added a cute skeleton hand bow to hide any talltale signs of bumps.

I have hair down to my arse, Kanekalon hair is about 48 inches, so it's kind of odd to have natural hair hanging down with a rainbow of dreads about one's mid-back. By using 2 dreads of the same color and striping them in with my natural hair, I can make my dreads twice as long (ex. the purple dread).

I started the blue dread about the left side of my head and braided it with my own hair, leaving the bottoms unbraided and loose. I know my whole head isn't completely dreaded, but I like knowing that I can add in a few dreads for those off days when I feel too normal looking (which I find to be everyday nowadays, stupid summer shorts and flipflops...).

Hope this has been helpful, happy dreading! <3!


It Shouldn't Hurt me to be FREE said...

try going into your browser history and deleting all the cookies.

Flora Cheng said...

hmmm I wonder if I would look good with dreadlocks...

SirAnimeFreak said...

you are very hot and you have a very nice ass