Sunday, July 3, 2011

Goth Make-up (Pics & Tutorial)

Hello, oh darkly inclined!

I was online browsing through gothic make-up photos, and I realized- it's hard for a brown eyed girl to be goth! Being constantly surrounded by photos of gorgeous blue/green eyed beauties with pallid skin and dark hair- the contrast is shocking and lovely to those of our culture.

I have brown eyes and peachy skin- not quite moonlight lily white (sighs), but not tanned. With my combination, I have to focus on bringing out my eyes as best as I can.

I love eyeliner. The way how it looks as it wings out from the eye and swirls around the temples, it's just gorgeous. I find that my skin is too oily to accomodate such fine lines, and my hands tend to shake when I attempt intricate patterns.

Nevertheless! This post shall be my inspiration to not be so lazy!

Here are some photos of eye make-up I found whilst browsing the internet:

LOVE this one. It's not to heavy on the black, but those eyelashes are both beautiful, delicate and creepy- the perfect combination for me. The lower lashes could be replaced with liquid eyeliner too.

A basic swirly design, but a little bit goes a long way (especially with awesome red hair).

I found this template of beautiful eyeliner designs. I think these would go along well with those who paint their eyebrows, but I'm really into the top middle design. I'm kinda into dots with my make-up right now.

I love how they matched her eyeshadow to her hair, and the gloves. MUST. HAVE.

A completely different photo, but I don't imagine that the above photo and this close-up photo are too far off.

These two are really gorgeous. Simple maybe, but I want to try my hand at these. I just need to go out and buy some decent black glitter eyeshadow.

I found this photo while on campus browsing through magazines. Though from a Japanese magazine, the plum shadow brings out her eyes and goes with her purple lipstick. I can see myself wearing something similar to this on "I need to dress normal" days (perhaps with purple lipgloss as well).

When people ask me how I do my make-up, I always wished I could just reference them somewhere so they could see it. I feel odd trying to describe how I wing my eyeliner and set my glitter with hairspray (Yup, hairspray. You gotta love dragqueens).

About two hours ago, I washed my face of all my make-up and put it all back on for you. This is how I wear my make-up on days when I have enough time. :P

How do you wear your makeup? <3!


Alyxandra13 said...

okay so what if you don't HAVE glitter like that? or sparkle/crystal things? or liquid eyeliner? or the money to get it? is there a way to still do the gothic makeup?
and what colors did u use for the smoky thing on ur eyes?
and do u have to use black lipstick? or what?

Serenity said...

This is simply my own interpretation of what goth make-up is. Goth is all about letting your creativity guide you; so just because you don't do your make-up like me doesn't mean you're not goth. Just do what most of us goths do- play with what you've got and make it work for you. We all start as embarassing babybats, but it's all part of the process. As long as you're expressing yourself, that's all that matters. <3!

PrtyH8Mshn said...

If you really would like a challenge, check out some of Amelia Arsenic's work. She has her own blog site too with info on her products and step by step instructions. I always thought she had peel and stick applications until I read her blogs. Makeup Mayhem is her line Crazy stuff.

Serenity said...

Ooh, these are really cool! I love her wigs too, I have a great affinity for white hair. <3!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for collecting these photos. I enjoyed using the spider web template for my outfit last night. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Great work, love the designs, keep it up! <3

-.- I GOT CALLED AN 'emo' hahaha

Serenity said...

There's nothing wrong with that, Anonymous. I've been called many a strange and terrible thing in my lifetime and, believe me, emo wasn't the worst. :p <3!

rockenrollermom said...

hi! great blog there! i love it! yeah goth is a lifestyle and not merely a label or something to dress up to. being a goth is being true to our selves! a love black color! :)

Anonymous said...

I have brown eyes, too; I find accenting with primary red & bright violets really makes them pop through all the black. Also, plum & burgundy liners make a great alternative to black. HTH

Ramie Catchesyourclouds said...

Sometimes, when im in a hurry and dont have time to do cool eyeshadow or liner, i put conceler on my eye, with a conceler stick, and put black eyeshadow on top, looks like really liquidy eyeshadow, soooo goth/emoish.