Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lumbosacral Corset!

Hello gothlings!

I woke up to a great surprise this morning! There was a box with my name on it on my doorstep and it said it was from ebay. I usually buy shirts/socks/skirts, clothing items that don't require a box, so anxiously took it in and opened it.

Inside was my new (to me) lumbosacral corset!!!

It's sooo cool! It's made from white duck and has pretty aged stains on it (I'm probably the only one that would LIKE that fact).

It has buttons and hooks in the front with three lace-up fans on the each side.

By pulling the straps, you tighten the fan laces and tighten the corset.

It's a man's medium and has a 36 inch hip, so I'm thinking of using my SSS ("superior sewing skillz") to adjust it so it's just under my size (it's fully tightened in these photos).

It's not meant for waist training, but as a device meant to support the lower back (the lumbosacral part). It has steel bones going down the back, but I couldn't get a good enough photo (these were all taken by me, d'oh!).

I love it. I'm thinking of covering it in fake blood and using it for Halloween as an escaped inmate costume. It's so wicked and scary looking in really life, like a straight jacket for your waist!

I'm in love, but it needs a name. Any suggestions? <3!