Friday, July 1, 2011

My Outfits [IMG Heavy]

Hello Gothlings!

Happy First of July!!!

I get asked on my blogspot and on my Facebook what I wear on a daily basis, so today's post is going to feature a lot of photos of myself in my self-imposed "goth garb." Most of these photos were taken while I was getting ready in the morning, or at the end of the day when hair was flat and lipstick was faded off after drinking my victims blood, so please bear in mind- these are to show my outfits and not my make-up/hair/accessories.

Some of these were outfits for school, outfits for dates, or outfits for lazing it up at home, or whatever. Either way, here's the intro of my image heavy outfit blog. So sit back and feast your eyes on my goth-defying outfits! (Click on any photo to see them enlarged).

Let's start with some casuals:
 Yes, I am wearing blue jeans. These are mostly lazy day outfits (hence the ponytail and pigtails) that I wear on the weekends to get the laundry done. It's hard work scrubbing all those blood stains...

 Some more casual/"safe" outfits. I love to wear that bunny backpack with an uber-goth outfit, the expressions I get are hilarious.

The top photos are lazy day outfits (notice the bathrobe) and the bottom ones I've worn on dates or meeting with my boyfriends' family. They know I dress "eccentric" but they have no idea, MUAHAHA!!!... moving along.

I wore this outfit yesterday. It's hot here in California, so my skirts and stockings and gloves were temporarily replaced. I like this shirt. It's new, and I promptly named it my "hands off" outfit. I have a thing for bones. X3

My 70's inspired "Crazy On You" outfit. Oh, how I love those guitarists. 

That one time I attempted to straighten my hair (yes, this is my hair STRAIGHT) and realized it wasn't worth it. 

My Veronica Varlow t-shirt I bought at the Emilie Autumn concert on March 3rd, 2011. AWESOME SHOW!!! XD

I woke up feeling green, I forgot I had those bondage straps...

They're selling this HUGE bear at Costco and I LOVE him!... but he's too expensive, and I already have a huge ass bunny on my bed. Believe it or not, that Batman mask is NOT mine but my friends. He has a thing for Batman (he has toys and even a Batman suitcase. No Batman bedsheets though...).

These were experimentations with wearing my hair up with the ends spilling over. It's a nice look, but I prefer my hair down and crazy. Except for the mask, that one I like...

I made this dress a while back and am pretty happy with the result. Hooray for random useless patches! They make everything better. :]

Some experiments with wearing clothes I don't always wear.

Clothes you can see me wearing on any given day.

More any-given-day outfits usually worn to school/court/graveyards, etc.

Random outfits I would probably wear out on dates or other said outings with friends.

The outfit I wore to the Pink Parlor Festival and behold! I took a photo with Laura Ziba Caraway!!!! (the one with the blue hair) I HATE how I look in this picture, LOOK AT THAT WAIST!!!!! Corset... gorgeous... *swoon*  and yes, I can hula hoop like a demon. A DEMON THAT KILLS WITH A FLURRY OF HIPS!!!

This is the hairclip I bought from Laura's booth. It's a brass button with peacock feathers and the jawbone of a squirrel. I love the colors of it and how it goes with everything, I try not to wear it as much as I want to because I don't want the feathers to get wonky.

Yes, that is Casper on my tank top and spiderwebs on my fishnets. I got the shirt from a friend (which I later altered as shown here), the skirt from ebay for ten bucks and I made that fishnet shirt from a torn pair of fishnets. This outfit cost me like $15- reasons why I love being a scavenger of random bits of awesome.

This concludes my narcissistic post about my outfits, what do you guys like to wear? <3!


Anonymous said...

I love your outfits, where do you get most of your clothes? You are very pretty :)

Serenity said...

Thank you very much. :3
I get my clothes from everywhere really- stuff friends don't want anymore, thrift stores, and ebay. Never underestimate the power of ebay. :D <3!

SwirlyWirly said...

Love your pictures! You have a nice and fit body! How do you stay so fit? Do you exercise have a strict diet regimen?