Thursday, July 28, 2011

Train Station

Hello Gothlings!

Recently, my family and I have been piecing together bits and pieces of my family history. My grandfather died when I was three and my grandmother when I was 8 (same year as my dad), so it's hard to get a clear story of what happened to whom in what year. We were curious about something my grandmother had said when she was alive, so my mom and I sought the truth out.

According to my grandmother, her family moved to Mexico during WWII and she (the youngest daughter) had a working Visa to the United States. This means that, though she lived in Mexico, she could take a train to California, work and make money, and go back home. Her family needed the money badly, so she used to do this- a fifteen year old girl, alone, taking a train into a whole new country to make wages for her family.

Los Angeles has small bits and pieces of history left over, but only if you know where to look for it.

After much driving and searching, my mother and I found it- the old railway station my grandmother took in her youth each week to America.
It was surrounded by a huge fence and we weren't allowed to cross it, but my camera has a decent amount of zoom.

This thing is old.

Not quite gothic architecture, but still old and decrepit (my favorite sort of edifice).

It wasn't burned, just very old and weather beaten.

There's a small American flag in the middle of all that Mexican stonework.

Trains still run through the other side of it, but I really doubt any of them stop here for any reason.

It was nice to find the station. Just standing there, a few cars driving behind us to the modern world was so amazing (I'd imagine that this is what people in Europe feel). It's like, there's this OLD piece of history just across the street from like a Mc Donald's or something. It's been there for a long time that it seems rooted in the very spot it stands, yet it's so uncommon, strange, yet beautiful.

Being there helped me piece together a small portion of my family's history. Though I hardly remember my grandmother, just standing there, that station so close yet just out of hand's reach between steel bars, really filled me with emotion. If only time could once stand equally as still. <3!

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