Monday, July 18, 2011

Wacko's and some wilderness

Good evening!

A little while back, I hung out with a few friends and we went to this cool place in Hollywood called "Wacko's". It's a huge place with everything. Seriously, everything. Books, an art gallery, candles, cups/mugs/shotglasses, bags, postcards, posters, EVERYTHING.
Like I said, EVERYTHING.
Here's a few photos of random shelves and the like.
I liked that plush doll on the top shelf with the black body, white face, and heart.

I loved the Rose Quartz skull.

He seemed happy.
We went into the art gallery which was on the right side of the shop. I didn't want to take photos of the artwork though, it just seems disrespectful to me. Meh, I'm weird. After the art gallery, we headed into the back room where they sell weird(er) random things.

Like an assortment of bones.

Baby sharks in a jar.

And more skulls and bones.
There was a lot of artistic graffiti on the wall outside, so Kyle and I had a little photoshoot.

The art gallery is called "La Luz de Jesus"

And it belongs to ME!

This looks like an odd sort of postcard. :P
This is exactly the sort of place I could spend HOURS just browsing, but my friend Kyle and
I decided to go on a wilderness walk at the Griffith Park Observatory. There, we stumbled upon a random rope swing!
Kyle and I took turns.

You gotta love my gothic smile.


Unknown said...

how very odd and weird and wonderful...
like you, it would seem,
You are very beautiful. Not pretty, too strange and intangible for that.

Alyxandra13 said...

Just as a question, where do you get your tights? or fishnets or whatever?

Serenity said...

There's this cheap store in my mall called Sidecca. They have a lot of stockings/tights there for around $6 or so. I usually go there and buy and mix and match my stockings, layering them over fishnets. I believe I got these particular tights at Hot Topic though, hope that helps! <3!