Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Going out-fits

The weekend before I went camping, my boyfriend Chris and I went to my first club! It was an 80's club, and I was the youngest one there. Everyone else was at least 30+, so it was a pretty chill atmosphere. No fights, no drunken idiots, but awesome 80's music.

In all honesty, we weren't expecting to go much of anywhere that night. We were at a promenade and he said "Hey, have you heard of the Hully Gully?" From there, we set out and had a pretty awesome night.

I'm GLAD I dressed more goth that night (big boots, fishnets, black mini, black shirt with skeletal hands, red lipstick, Spooky [my coffin backpack], etc). Even though everyone else there was dressed pretty normally, it was my first time! I'm glad I was a "well dressed" goth for my first club outing. :3

I received several compliments on my outfit too. :3
We had a lot of fun dancing. The part that made me laugh the most is when Chris and I were dancing and we started kissing before we left the club. The bouncer looked at me kinda scared and I realized why when we got to the car- my red lipstick was AAAAAALL OVER my face! It really looked like blood! He had kissed me on my neck too, so I had these huge red splotches on my neck, gah! I wiped it all off as best I could, dabbed on a LOT of foundation powder, and re-applied my red lipstick. I didn't mind, he looked worse than I did. XD

The next morning, Chris told me about a club in Long Beach (whos name evades me, argh!) and said there would be a band playing he thought I would like. This time, I KNEW I would be going out, so I managed to take more time getting ready and getting all gussied up.

The full length mirror shot

The upper body close up shot.

The "I want to bite you" shot.
I wore a tank top dress with a black lace shirt that had poufy sleeves under a red and black corset I bought recently. Then some (non-holey) fishnets with my high heeled Mary Janes with Spooky and some pretty silver jewelry.

It wasn't a goth club but just a normal club. In L.A. In Huntington Beach. I knew a lot of quintessential California girls and boys would be there in flip flops and bleached hair, so I took a stand for my Spooky beliefs and dressed like a tall crystal glass of blood. :D

The band WASN'T playing that night, but we still had fun. What are your stories? What are your going out-fits? <3!


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

I adore your corset!! You look amazing. I bet you got a lot of attention as a young Goth girl at a non-Goth club. ;) "Normal" guys seem to really like that.

Serenity said...

Thank you Sophistique. Yes, I did get a lot of attention. It was my corset's maiden voyage, and I think we did well. :D <3!