Saturday, September 3, 2011

DIY fishnet sleeves 2

Here's another variation of my first fishnet sleeve tutorial that some others might like. I don't have any finished product photos of this tutorial because I altered my hose to be like my first tutorial, but maybe others will like this variation better.

These are screen shots of Amy Lee from Evanescence. I had seen a video of one of their first concerts and it gave me the idea to make these sleeves, just without the stripes.

Tools needed: fishnets & scissors. Hose MAY have seams if wanted, seamless is best.

Lay out your hose in a T shape like this so the legs are out and the part that goes about your hips is on the bottom.

Trim the ends of the legs of the fishnets, the part where your toes go. There is usually a seam on the feet of fishnets, or a little piece of fabric where your toes are supposed to go. Trim this off so your fishnet feet look like this.

With your sleeves now made, cut a curved line as illustrated in this next photo.

Remember, the crotch is the part that will be going across your back/shoulder blades. Cut it until you feel comfortable with your fit, and voila! Feel free to add thumbholes at this point if you'd like.

Again, these sleeves may be worn with t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, or corsets. I hope you all enjoy! <3!


Bitter Witch said...

Omg thank you SOO much!

Serenity said...

You're very welcome, Bitter Witch. Glad to have helped. :D <3!