Saturday, September 3, 2011

DIY fishnet sleeves

Do you ever feel like your tank top or shirt needs a little something? It's too hot for a sweater, but too cool to go bare. Do you have a pair of fishnets with a crotch hole that you don't wear anymore? Then this is the easy-peasy tutorial for you.

Ignore the obvious fish face.
 Tools needed: fishnets and scissors (Note: fishnets should be seamless, this means there shouldn't be a seam running from your bellybutton to your ass crack when you put your fishnets on).
Let us begin!
Lay out your fishnets in a "T" shape like this so the legs are out to the sides and the part that goes over your hips is on the bottom.

Trim the tips of each leg, the part that goes about your toes. There is usually a little seam at the ends of the legs, or a small piece of fabric that you're supposed to put your toes into. Trim that piece off so it looks like this. 

Do this to both of the feet of your hose.
The crotch (the part between the legs) is the part that your head is going to come out of, so MAKE SURE to cut it too small. It's easier to cut the hole bigger, it's not so easy to make a hole smaller, if you know what I mean.  

After you cut the head hole between the legs, put the fishnets on so your head comes out between the legs, your arms through the legs of your hose, and pull the rest down your torso. Make the head hole as big or as small as you like. You can make the hole small so your head barely passes through and the fishnets are close to your neck like a t-shirt collar, or you can make the hole large so you can wear the sleeves off-the-shoulder (this is how I usually wear them).

Usually, goths stay here and keep the fishnets like this to have a tight fitting fishnet shirt. I don't mind the way the fabric feels against my arms, but when it's on your torso with a tight shirt or a corset, the fabric makes my skin itchy and leaves me with a weird pattern too. I don't like this, so I continue on to this next step.

See just where you'd like your fishnets to end and trim them. Again, trim them too long so you can make sure you don't make any mistakes. I like to trim them short so there is about an inch or two of fabric below my head hole. So if I were to trim them while I was wearing them, I would trim them just below my hip bones.

This next step is optional, thumb holes. Put your sleeves on, make sure they aren't twisted around your arms but are straight. Guess-timate where your thumbs go and cut a LITTLE hole. Push your thumb through and trim it as you need.

Thumb hole!

And there you have it, your own fishnet sleeves. Wear them with shirts, tank tops, dresses, or with a corset. I have another variation of these sleeves that I'll post later, but I much prefer this method myself. Hope you enjoyed! <3!

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Anonymous said...

I have a hole on my fishnet tights at the crotch area. How can I repair it?