Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Halloween Shopping

Yesterday, I did a little Halloween shopping! I went to Walgreen's with my boyfriend Chris and was automatically drawn to the Halloween section. There, an impromptu Halloween shopping and browsing took place. Pictures for your eyes to behold!!!
Battery operated candles! They flicker too.

They were well painted for $5.
5 for $2! I bought 3 black, 2 orange. The red ones smelled like Christmas...
$3 FISHNETS. You can't beat that.
Spiders and wall mount spiderwebs, fuzzy!
Battery operated, and they flickered too.

Mask WITH an attached black/purple wig. I want my hair like that...
Cheap make-up kits. Make sure you wash your face really well afterwards, or you shall suffer the wrath of Acne-geddon the day after.
Spiderwebs! I wanted some, but I have no idea where to put them. :/
And you thought your spider problem was bad.  

Here are the things that I bought and took home with me:
The black ones are vanilla maple twist, orange is pumpkin spice. Never before has death smelled so good!
A 99 cent Halloween snow globe for my mom. :3
Blood in a bottle: Now water soluble!
A Halloween card for my uncle.
Spider earrings! One shall be a necklace, the other a hair ornament!
 Okay, this last photo is something that I did NOT buy, but I wanted to.

He was soo grumpy, but so cute! Even when trying to hack off my limbs... Instead of buying him, I did the next best thing- I filmed him for you.

Happy Halloween! <3!


linnea-maria said...

Nice halloween items you found there. Halloween is not very much celebrated in sweden so it's not easy to find things in the stores.

Serenity said...

Really?! Awh, that's a real pity. It's September 15th, and they've been selling a lot of Halloween items here since like late August. American commercialism can be a bother sometimes. <3!