Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween-y Decor

Despite the fact that my walls are covered in dark/goth/faerie stuff and my actual walls are pink (it's kind of like living in a gothic cupcake), I wanted to decorate part of my bedroom to be Halloween-y. I can't use spiderwebs because I don't have anything to put them on, and I can't use pins/tacks on my walls either. I figured that the first thing people see when they enter my bedroom is my computer desk, so I decided to decorate that with my Halloween stuff.

Flash?!  *le gasp!*
I put my newly acquired black/orange candles on the edge of my desk, then added other candles, my coffin case, a little batty, and my pumpkin I decorated with bunny ears (I've had a fondness for bunnies lately. ^^; ).

I love that pumpkin pail. This is what it looks like when the light through the window shines through my pumpkin:

I recently bought some bone leggings from e-bay and I really like them! I don't know how to wear them yet, but this was the maiden voyage outfit.

I really gotta clean that mirror...
I figured bones go with bones, I'm so glad I decided to buy that shirt. :D

Bunny nose-twitching face.

The "Imma bite yer face" look. :3
But wait! Remember I said I had a fondness for bunnies?


My bunny backpack.
I like how it clashes with all my gothiness. People always do a double take when they see my outfits anyway, why not send them off with a "wtf" face? :D

Chris and I went to another Halloween store (no photos this time, sorry!) and I bought something I've never seen before. Can you guess what it is?

End of the day make-up. :[

Here's a hint.
Yup, it's a hair clip!

My spider banana clip!
It's a spider! The legs are made of wire, so I can spread them throughout my hairbun as I please. The spider is on a banana clip.

I love spiders. When I was 3 (THREE), I had a pet tarantula. I named him Lenny, and my dad got him for me. He'd put Lenny on me and I would giggle and play with him, my mother unknowing to the fact that my pet was poisonous. Lenny died when my uncle decided to put HIS tarantula in MY tarantula cage and they killed each other, may he rest in peace. :[

I also have a thing for spiders lately, so keep your eyes peeled for a DIY spider necklace (the one I'm wearing with a red ribbon in these photos). <3!

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