Sunday, October 2, 2011

Parasol Beach (IMG Heavy)

For my parasols' maiden voyage, I took it to my cousin's birthday party at the beach and had a little photoshoot. These are all the photos we took that day.

They're also here on my Facebook, check them out there if it's easier on your computer:

Boots on the shore.

It was cold, so I left on my blazer in the morning.

I found a dead pelican.

His was a burial at sea.

They made me take off my sunglasses from here on. :[

Gah, smile.

You can really tell in these photos just HOW SHADY my parasol is. NO light passes through it.


Tenebris In Lux said...

Super cool! That's nice that it was a success .. and really shady, too. I suppose that's the point of a parasol. And what better to test the ability than to bring it to a beach (as I interpret it?).

Anonymous said...

I miss you.