Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Costume!

I hate posting so far and in between, but school is being a real mother lately. If only she had a neck for me to slit...

So! My Halloween this year was kind of a bust, which is why this post is so late. Long story short, people passing away, midterms, opera auditions, and my boyfriend had his car stolen. That's right, stolen.

He had it less than a month (a nice pre-used car that I fondly referred to as The Rabbit), and someone stole it as he was visiting a friend. His parents were really angry and he was utterly crushed, so I just wanted him to feel better. We couldn't go far or do anything that required driving, so I decided we would go trick-or-treating.

There's nothing that makes me more sentimental than remembering the Halloween's of my youth, especially the ones before my father died, so I thought a bit of nostalgic door to door action would be fun. Chris was still down, he didn't even want to dress up. I, however, took it upon myself to dress wildly inapropriate and take his mind off of things. :D

In all the fuss of the night, I actually forgot to ask someone to take a photo of my outfit, but this was the "dress rehearsal" that took place beforehand the day before.
I went with black fishnets instead of nude ones though.

I actually wore this to school that Monday. Like I said, wildly inappropriate.
Striped stockings, black fishnets, high heeled boots, ruffle panties, corset, red glitter tank top, black velvet blazer, and a mini top hat.

I also took Spooky (my beloved coffin backpack/purse), a Nightmare Before Christmas bag for candy, and a trusty crop that helped complete the Bondage Circus Ringleader costume that I put together. :3

One tip for older trick-or-treaters: if you go to houses and they give you a look and give you tiny Tootsie Rolls or something like that, follow a crowd of trick or treaters, particularly those with lots of kids. The person doling out the candy will think you're someone's big brother/sister and give you a fistful of the good stuff. I kid you not, this works every time.

How did your Halloween go? What did you do? <3!


linnea-maria said...

That was really cute of you, to try to cheer your boyfriend up. I wish more older people dared to trick or treat. Then we propably would have some visitors as well, because we live by a dark narrow path. Did you get some heads turn at school with that outfit? It's awesome anyway.

Serenity said...

Awh, thank you Linnea-maria. I do too, more "life experienced" persons should trick or treat! Sorry about your dark path, I would have gone to your place. :3
I think I made some heads turn, I'm normally too shy to notice such things. X3 <3!