Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Presents!

Ah, Christmas- When you're a goth, giftcards are your family's best friend. :D

Okay, so my Christmas wasn't that bad. I had a pretty good time, and made out with some pretty cool gifts too. One thing for sure though, I made sure to make my gifts as spooky as possible.
 They're beauuuuuuuutiful! :D
 I think I liked this red ribbon most. :3
 The green was a send up for Christmas, but I don't like how colorful it is. That curl is too jolly... O,o
 And for the sweet innards, blood red tissue paper!
Well, if you're gonna rip something open, it has to have red innards right?

I didn't have too much money to spend on lavish gifts for my loved ones, so I tried to make the actual gifts as fun as possible. I wrapped more presents like this and had a veritable army; alas, this was the only time I remembered to take photos of my goth gifts. But I assure you, they were horrific!

On Christmas Day, I was awoken by this beast!
My black lab familiar! Her name is Emilie, she's wearing candy cane antlers. :3

And now, presents! My boyfriend, Chris, bought me this cute jacket.
 I feel like a gothic cupcake when I wear it. :3
It's so fluffy! I like to wear a tight skirt underneath, but poufy skirts are cute too. Even just a petticoat.
 My cousin Lorena bought me these dreamy pajamas.
 *Sigh* Oh Jack...
I love the striped hearts with the purple background, they match a pair of knee-high socks Chris bought me for my birthday. I love coordinating my pajamas. :D
My lovely friend Natalie bought me these stockings and a little vampire voodoo doll! I inserted a card so you could see that they were spiderwebs, aaaand...
 Spider bows!
Our family friend Kat bought me these lovely sinister hair clips. You can see them faintly in my previous post with my eyepatch, these are them close up.
 And of course, le lovely eyepatch. A gift from the lovely Jessica. :D
 This is my favorite fancy perfume that my momma got for me, I'm set for the year!
Aaand, some more sweet smelling gifts. My friend Robert bought me the perfume bottle on the left and my lovely friend Jessica bought me the oil on the right. They went so perfectly together. The bottle is gorgeous, and the oil smells like muffins. X3
This doll was a gift from my brother- it's a Monsters High Doll. I've never heard of them before, but I think love them now. If I ever have a daughter, she WILL be raised with these dolls. He also ordered me Bizenghast #1&7 (the only ones I don't have) and am earnestly awaiting their arrival. ^^!
And of course, the giftcards. A few are absent from this photo too. :/
All-in-all, le Christmas was cheery and full of good noms. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas as well. Next, how to have a miserable New Year! <3!

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