Monday, December 12, 2011

DIY Gothic Candy Canes [IMG Heavy]

It's Christmas! How do you darkly inclined ones bring a little gloom to the holidays? I found my way- gothic candy canes!
It's a small change, but a cane like this is sure to bring a little gloom to all this "joy" I hear about. You don't even need candy canes- use this tutorial and make personalized tags for your christmas presents if you'd like. Here's what you'll need:
Plain white paper, scissors (not in this photo ^^;), markers, tape, a hole puncher, and a ruler. Yes, my ruler is black. Be jealous...

And of course, let's not forget the other necessities.
First things first, get your full sheet of plain white paper and measure it out (the full sheet of paper is indicated by this tiny square, but you get what I mean).
 Measure out each tag to your own proper dimensions, these were my own:
Cut out as many tags as you need and put them to the side. It's time to decorate!
I wanted a whimsical, uniquely gothic yet Christmas feel for each tag, so I used green, red, and black A LOT. But do whatever you like. :3
There's an accidental blood stain on the tag, so I decided to use this tag as an example.
Now that you have your design, you can go about taping the corner before you hole punch it. Let me explain this first- if you hole punch it and pull a ribbon through it, it'll tear the tag. Prepping the hole with some tape reinforces the hole so it won't tear when you pull the ribbons taunt. BELIEVE me.
Get your tape and put a piece on one side of the tag with a big piece hanging off of the end like this:
Then, fold the tape over the tag and smooth it down on the other side of the tag. That way, that one piece of tape reinforces both sides of the tag. :]
Now that your tag is reinforced, let's get punching! We goths can be so violent sometimes...
This part is a little tricky. Cut a length of ribbon around the size of your forearm (longer is easier to trim, go longer if you're unsure) and pull it through the hole. THEN, get the same end you pulled through the hole and pull it through again, creating a loop like this:
I really need to give myself a manicure...
Get your candy cane and put it through the loop like this:
Pull the ends of the ribbon up together and make the candy cane secure.
Then, just tie it like a shoelace and tie a pretty bow.
How handsome it looks!
And there you have it! I had a hard time making EVERY TAG different, so I thought I'd post all my different tags here so you can use my ideas if you'd like. (Ten minutes in, you'll thank me for all the photos).
Here's some close-ups:

I ended up making some more, but I forgot to take photos of the tags before I tied them to the candy canes, so I had to take individual shots of these. ^^;

It took a long time, but I had a veritable army at the end of the day.

 They look so terrifying together! :D
Awhhh, this just melts my cold, undead heart. X3

It was an ALL day thing for me and I looked like crap, but here's an outfit photo for you all.
I love how the bones go right into the zippers on the front of my skirt.
I wasn't wearing make-up today, but here I am- bunned hair and all.
WHY are my eyes are half-closed? O.o
Nevertheless, candy and tea was had!
I got a wee-bit sugared out...

Happy Horrible Holidays! <3!


Tenebris In Lux said...

Aw man, that's an AWESOME idea! I was thinking about giving cards to my friends and teachers and family (small paper ones like these), but I was planning for all of them to be based off of the sad little "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree." And minus the candy canes.

See, I think perhaps I could make some e-cards for all of you guys (digital cards) using some famous icons. Because I'm not quite sure how many of my teachers and friends would get who Rozz Williams or Robert Smtih is :-P

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha. Your faces are amusing sometimes. :) Great idea though!

Thank you for the wonderful X-Mas gifts too!! :3 I will use them well.

Serenity said...

Tenebris- I'm glad I gave you some ideas. The candy canes were $1 for a pack of 12, and I already had all the supplies at home. Well, the black ribbon WAS $2.50, but it's a huuuge roll.
Requiem- Awh, thank you. Glad to spread some creative doom. :D <3!

DementiaKitty said...

Awh I love it. It's so you. And yay! My necklace <3