Friday, March 23, 2012

Cookie & Monster

Finals week is officially over and Spring Break is here!

I promised I'd blog more, and I'm trying to stay true to my word. This was the ensemble I wore for my last day of school, it's more Gothic Tea Party inspired than anything.
You can't really see (stupid lighting), but I'm wearing a floral print kind of fishnet with one black-and-white striped stocking with my garter belt. Big boots, black skirt, and a blue sweater on top. My friend said I looked like Snow White, do you think this is the kind of Snow White your kids should be looking up to?

I think not, but that spoonlace is awesome. XD

So it was the last day of finals and the official start of my Spring Break, so I had to do something. Chris and I went out and had dinner at our favorite spot, this is when certain narcotic beverages were consumed.

Keepin' it classy with the pinky and monocle.

Even though it was a mere 12oz can, my body poor body couldn't handle such an intake of caffeine. I'm a vegetarian, I don't drink soda, I don't smoke, and I don't drink.... yes, I'm the worst Goth ever. Nevertheless, caffeine riddled madness ensued.

It was getting late, but we weren't finished with our Gothy shenanigans (Chris isn't Goth, but he plays along, shh!). That's when the Cookie Monster incident occured.

Mary and Monster- a deadly mix! <3!

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Anonymous said...

The video is adorable beyond derp... <3