Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dentist, Coffins and Beach Day

Today was the day I visited the dentist. I already knew I needed dental work, but I kept putting it off because of school. I finally decided "What's a better way to start Spring Break than getting drilled?" ... no pun intended. Needless to say, sitting in cold dental chairs with people touching my face meant casual clothes and minimal make-up.
Doc Marten's, skinny jeans, studded belt, a black cut up tank top, and my faux-leather jacket once more ventured out into the world. I feel very plain these days. :[
This is what I look like with little make-up: powder, eyeliner, chapstick, and some mascara. No blush, no eyeshadow, no lipstick. Eep.
This was the children's door I used to go through in my younger years, no wonder Bugs Bunny used to creep me out.
My name was called and X-rays were taken (Mmm, lovely bones!). I waited, then I was taken to another room. These were the instruments that greeted me.
An ammonia tablet, just for me! Just in case the instruments of my demise were too much to handle.
Check out my headshots. Those dark spots were my current fillings. I have seven, but five were chipped or improperly set, so I needed to get it all redone. ... yay.
The left was the nitrous oxide and the right was the oxygen. With five fillings to be had, I was begging for the left knob.
With my new prognosis at hand, more steel tools of doom were brought out. Don't they look nice, all shiny, sanitized, sharp, and pokey. Just for me!
This was after I was given five, FIVE, shots of novacaine in various spots in my mouth. See my twisted lip, nasal snarl, and duck lips? Yeah, I wasn't making that face on purpose. After this, I can't see how ANY person could ever get Botox.

The X-rays, paperwork, drilling, filling, and cleaning took about 2 hours. Note to anyone ever going to the dentist- even if dentists don't scare you, EAT beforehand! I didn't eat because I'm stupid and, when he was drilling into my jawbone, my legs kept twitching. It was cold, and my body was slightly in shock with no food. I kept the twitching to a minimum, but the doctor took several breaks on me to make sure I wasn't in pain. I was glad when it all ended, and I came home to a package in the mail.
I bought this new top on ebay for FIVE DOLLARS!!! Plus three dollars shipping and handling, but alas! It is beautiful!
It reminds me of Amy Lee from Evanescence's red corset top, but it's so much more comfy. And cheap! I love being a frugal shopper. :3

Chris knew about my dental woes, and he sought to make me feel better in the best way he could- a beach trip!
I'm a Scorpio (a water sign) and I was born in Long Beach. Something about the sea always soothes me, and Chris knows this. Ain't he a sweetheart? :3
We went to Hungtington Beach and ate at our other favorite restaurant, then went for a walk. There's a rockabilly/alternative shop nearby called The Electric Chair, so we did some shopping there for fun. I've always loved their Funeral Classics room.
I've always wanted a doorway like this...

This room always has gothy funeral stuff and is really fun to look at, so I had to take an annoying and copious amount of photos for you all to look at. These make for some great goth decor tips and tricks. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

At this point, Chris felt a little queasy so we walked on the pier to give him some fresh air. It was a very nice day, though a little chilly. We just sat down on a bench and hugged, watching the ocean waves rolling in.
Don't those waves look lovely? It started getting dark and chilly, so we soon left. I love these sorts of days. <3!


Tenebris In Lux said...

What a cute little shop! Now I want a door like that ..

Oy. I hate a lot of dental work. I'm pretty good with what I have (straight record of no cavities, no fillings or caps, etc.) but I had my wisdom teeth taken out. I was given anaesthesia for that .. but needless to say, recovery sucked a lot.

Glad to know your day was more productive than mine :-P

Serenity said...

Tenebris- the dentist told me I have to get my wisdom teeth out too, but I'm scared to get that done. He also told me that I tend to grind my teeth in my sleep and wear down my molar's enamel. I had no idea I did that. <3!