Saturday, March 24, 2012

Houses, Bands, and Candy Canes

Today was another day of random insanity with vast amounts of caffeine. As you can see, I didn't learn my lesson yesterday.
 Technically, I WAS drinking tea...
Sometimes, Chris and I randomly drive around for something to do. I felt a bit more casual today, so this was the outfit I wore. 
Doc Marten's, blue skinny jeans, studded belt with cross buckle, my HIM shirt, and my faux-leather jacket.
I recently altered that HIM shirt, and I'm rather proud of it. There are little black bows tied just next to the armpits, where the straps begin. And I cut up the back too. I love cutting the backs of my shirts with an hourglass shape.
After sightseeing some fancy houses, Chris and I went to the mall and I bought a new pair of cute pink underwear. I don't know why, but the thought of wearing super gothy clothes with funny or cute underwear always makes me giggle. These were the new addition to my wardrobe.
 What? You didn't think I was just gonna be wearing my panties, did you?
I really like the random, useless buttons down the front. :3
After the mall, noms and beverages were consumed at The Firehouse where a pretty good coverband was performing. Naturally, I requested they perform my favorite AC/DC song as you'll hear in my video.
 The place was decorated as, you guessed it, a fire house.
 Naturally my eye goes to the sharp, pointy, dangerous objects on the walls...
We skipped over to The Phoenix where another band was playing. I can't quite describe them, they were goth, surfer, rockabilly... just watch my video. :P
Those foam heads on the floor by the bassist were eventually flung into the crowd and tossed about the room, good times...
Overall, mischief managed. <3!

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