Thursday, April 26, 2012

Egyptian Goth Outfit

I kinda feel like I got stuck in a Gothic rut, so I started looking through my jewelry box and I found this necklace.
My aunt bought me this necklace when she went to Egypt years ago, and I forgot about it until about a week ago. I had watched Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned", and I decided to try an Egyptian gothic outfit. This was the outfit I wore to school with this necklace. (Everytime you see these photos next to a mirror, you know I'm in my practice room... not practicing).
I had found some small spikes in my bedroom and I put them inside the top holes of my boots. I forgot to take photos, but I'll include some later.
Just a plain V-neck shirt and a black vest. Though my schizophrenic hair rarely lays flat, but I attempted to straighten it for that traditional Goth look.
I also found these earrings in my jewelry box. My boyfriend's brother, Armando, bought these for me when he was in Columbia, and I thought it matched my Egyptian necklace. I know those two continents don't touch, but... meh.

I went with a small cat-eye today. I wish I did something more drastic, like an Egyptian eye of Horus or... something heavier.
I felt like a glossy lip today, kind of like how they make Akasha's lips look in the movie.
Maybe next time I'll do my eyebrows like her too. <3!


Parvati said...

i hate akasha in the movie! she doesnt look anything like shes supposed to! =(

jinj0mafia said...

I love the way you look in the pvc skirt, very sexy! ;)