Friday, May 11, 2012

"Beach" Outfit Post

Beach trip today! I'm glowing more pale than usual in these photos because of the illegal amount of sunscreen I am wearing under that curious fascade.
 Just in case you thought I was a serious person.
I really love this top I bought a while back. It's kind of like Amy Lee's corset top, but less corseted so I can wear it "casually" (Not that anything about me is to be taken casually). The boyfriend, Chris, and I went to go to the beach. Yes, fake lashes, red lipstick, a corset top, fishnets, mini skirt, and big boots ARE my required beachwear.
We walked around and went to the Electric Chair. They had a promo van outside, so I wanted to take a photo next to it. I love that Switchblade Stiletto shoe.
This is how I secretly sniff my armpits to see if I smell. And here... is le boyfriend. ... kinda.
We have a love/hate relationship- I love to take photos, Chris hates having his photos taken.
Kinda looks like he's about to smash me with that bottle. I feel the love! <3!

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