Saturday, May 26, 2012

Circus Outfit and E.A. necklace

Ever since "The Devil's Carnival", I've felt a need to be more circus'ed in my wardrobe. I've been wearing more clothes that I typically don't wear and today was one of those days when I shook the cobwebs off my old vest. 
I added that heart on the lapel years ago, I think this was one of my first clothing items I modified to be more E.A. asylum themed. And what's even better...
Stripes! They clash a little with my checkered stockings, but... meh. Black-and-white is black-and-white, right?
Also, I wanted to wear my spoon on my body somehow. I decided to hang my spoon and the key to my locker at school together beneath my heart, like this.
I know what you're saying "But Mary, why didn't you wear your spoon and your key around your neck like you usually do?" Well, let me show you.
Yes! I got a new necklace in the mail! 
It's super cool. The photo necklace is actually more awesome in person. It's Emilie's Opheliac photo with her playing the electric violin (before she colored it gold) and is inset in a sort of bubbled setting mount.  
 It's actually great quality, and has just the right amount of weight to it. The description said not to get it wet, but other than that, I think this was a good buy.
Along with the sparkly red tank top, I wore my DIY red glittery skeleton hand in my hair. You guys already know how obsessed I am with sparkly/glittery things, I'm kind of like a crow in that aspect. :P
And on the other side was (you guessed it), my little DIY heart hair clip!
It's maiden voyage was a rough and stormy day at sea!... not really, but some girls in choir said it was cute. :P
So I hope you guys liked my outfit of the day! See you in Hell! <3!


Anonymous said...

I love the dark circus goth style!
I currently don't have any clothes that will fit the theme, so I'm always excited to see your interpretations! ^^

Jinxed Sheep said...

Black-and-white is always right! X3

Serenity said...

theEmocarebear- me too! I don't have many outfits that fit the theme either, but I try. ^^; Jinxed Sheep- haha, you know it! :D <3!

JessicaMae. said...

I wouldn't dare go out in something like this! Hahah. I think a lot of people in my country (Singapore) wouldn't react very well.

Serenity said...

JessicaMae- haha! True. Sometimes when I come home and change into pajamas, I see my outfit of the day on the floor. It's just fishnet, lace, and some grommeted cloth on the floor. I look at it and go "... how did I wear that today?" XD <3!