Monday, May 28, 2012

Club Lounge Outfit

Today, I thought I'd adventure out into the world of clubs. As you can see, I'm Rat Game ready with my claws beared. 
This was the outfit I wore, nothing too showy or crazy- a high fishnet necked tank dress and a poufy sleeved shirt on top, all smoothed out with my corset. Even though I'm gothed up, I still like to have a lot of lace with my corset on. It feels more romantic and Victorian to me, even though I'm wearing high heels made of PVC. 

I was really fond of this pink bathroom, it made me feel quite like a lady in a fainting room in the 1880's. And I just felt quite lady like in my gloom wear. I'm soo happy because I got this new purse on Ebay!

It's a heart shaped bag, and it matches the piping of my corset perfectly. I have a lot of heart encrusted clothes, so this was a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

It's pretty good quality, made of soft leather with grommets. It has black piping, and black ribbon with grommets all around both handles. It's kind of the antithesis of my corset, but I love it.

Me making a fool of myself in front of everyone as always. I think that's why I don't go out much, I make people uncomfortable. :P 
I'm not a drinker by any standards, but I finished up the night with this little number. 
It's white champagne with bits of chopped up fruit inside of it. I'm not a wine drinker by any means, but I like a good drink I can chew. :3
The Club (promptly named Club Lounge... yeah, it was lame) was a bit too loud and obnoxious for my taste, so I ended up going home before midnight. Overall, my purse's maiden voyage wasn't too bad. Next time, we'll go somewhere less chav-y. <3!

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