Monday, June 4, 2012

Dark Shadows Outfit

Today was a day for sushi! 
Well, this actually occurred about a week ago and I realized "Hey, I never posted that blog!" I liked the photos, and figured they were worth sharing even if this outing was old. Naturally, I excused myself and took photos in the restroom.
I like to wear these particular leggings with this skirt because it makes it look like the skirt is the top of my leggings. My mom says that, from a distance, it looks like I'm wearing nothing at all. Thanks mom. XD
The sushi is placed on a conveyor belt that goes around the entire restaurant. Everything is so yummy!
The damage done by the both of us. ^^;
Now you see it... 
Now you don't! The green tea was really tasty all by itself. No sugar needed. It DID require a few ice cubes though, it came out glowing nuclear green because it was so freggin' hot. >,<!
Afterwards, we voyaged off to the theater to see a movie. I loooove her dress. @,@
How very true.
And lo! The guitar God's decided to bestow uponst me a striped guitar!
So I decided to do what I do best...
Well, not really. But I did scare some couples passing nearby. And embarass myself too. No wonder I don't go out too often... <3!

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