Saturday, July 21, 2012

Michael's Incident Quick Update

Wow, Michael's answered fast!

I received this e-mail a little while ago from the operator I spoke to on the phone. Good things are happening, my fellow Gothlings. Let us all light a candle in hope. <3!

Ms. Zacarias, 

We would like to offer out most sincere apologies for this experience. We do not have any kind of dress code required for out customers. We will be sure this information gets forwarded to the district manager of the Downey, CA location. His name is Bryan Taylor and we will see to it that he is in contact with you to be sure this does get addressed. We understand you have choices in where you shop, and we are sorry we fell short in this experience. 

We ask that you please allow a few business days to hear back, but we have forwarded this information for you today. We hope the rest of your weekend is more pleasant. Thank you again for letting us know. 


Tiffany Pickett
Michael's Customer Relations. 

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