Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Michael's Incident- Goth Social Injustice

I almost got kicked out of a Michael's today. 

Not for swearing, or lewd conduct, or shoplifting. Oh no, apparently some soccer mom's had a problem with my skirt because it was "too sexy and revealing." 

Well Michael's, you can kiss my ass. 

Just because some women get knocked up and bring their spawn there to glue popsicle sticks with glitter glue does not mean they are loyal customers that can belittle the people whom enter your establishment. 

They have no right. No one has that right. Not even your power hungry managers. 

This video described the whole incident. You tell me that this is not an incident of social injustice because I am Goth.

Please share this video, or my blog, or my story. This is wrong, and should NEVER happen again. To anyone. Period.

(Warning: there is swearing and an [evidently] provocative outfit headlining my holey skirt. BEWARE!) <3!

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Anonymous said...

You should make this viral. There's simply no reason for anyone to be harassed for their lifestyle. Bigotry is ignorance and that particular Michaels should appologize for their rude, unprofessional behavior.