Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Skirt and Sushi!

You already know what this means.
I got a new skirt in the mail today! I'm sooo happy. X3
It looks like it's make of a bunch of bandages, and it's just the right shade of red.
This is the front. Check out those curves. X[
This is the side. (Ignore my messy floor. And bed.)
And this is the back. It's a little snug, but I think I'll grow into it pretty soon.
The sooner the better, because I decided to wear it out that evening to have sushi with Chris. ^^;
My cup of green tea. It's so green, it's practically hazardous as it glows. @.@
Chris stole my camera when I wasn't looking. I think I was checking out his Dragon Roll. (Pun not intended).
Here is when I realized my soul was being captured. I tend to be camera shy.
... as I said, camera shy.
Vladimir isn't camera shy at all. He helped himself to some sushi (you can see his stack of plates amassed from his binge) and my tea too.
I realized that I was low on tea at home. Chris and I went to Target for their tea aisle. If I owned Target, tea would need its own section and NOT be sharing space with Cocoa. *leers*
And as you can see, there was NO TEA IN THE TEA AISLE. I was horrified. There was only cocoa! Cruuuel, cruel world...
 Alas, I still have enough tea left for the week. ... okay, the month. Either way, here's my outfit.
 I forgot I had these fishnet sleeves. They're great for the summer, they cover without making me overheat.
My hair was being Bellatrix Le-Strange today, so I decided to f-it-up some more for you all.
Vlad is sleepy, we're going to sleep now. Hope you enjoyed! <3!

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