Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bipolar Sushi and Slender Man

I got a new tank top and necklace! 
 Yup, that is the Evanescence "E" necklace you see. It matches up with my tank top nicely. :D
Soon after my package arrived, Chris and I went out for sushi!
 We got the calamari, never again! Just after this, we were so full. I couldn't finish my last California roll.
 And it was soo good too. But alas, there was fun to be had. Can you see what I did here?
 Maybe now?
 Haha, your eyes do not deceive you! I started making Slender man photos!
 I'll post them here just in case if you want to make some of your own.

 This last one is my personal fav. :3
I'd like to think that I made someone's day with these. People are never creeped out anymore. So if you live in my town, keep your eyes open. <3!


Anonymous said...

Not the slender man!! Noooooo!!

Anonymous said...

You live in SoCal, right? I've been looking for a a sushi boat place in the OC/LA area for awhile. It looks like that what you and your boyfriend go to? where is it at/what is it called? I know yet used to have a boat bar at Benihanas but they don't anymore =[

Serenity said...

It's called "Gaten Sushi" and it's sushi on a conveyor belt. It's pretty good. Everything is pretty fresh, and each plate (with 2-4 pieces) is $2. I like it, maybe you will too. <3!