Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fancy Date Night

A day before Chris and I began our 2 year excursion at college, we had a fancy date night together. Look at that pinky, faaancy. 
We got some appetizers along with almonds and olives. Chris is allergic to almonds, and I really don't like olives too much. These olives were good though, they had this garlicy/salty taste to them and I liked them. Straaange. 
 Chris lookin' all pensive as he drinks. You can tell that he really made an effort to dress up extra classy. :D
I ordered some tacos, and this was Chris' steak. That thing was huuuge. I have no idea how he ate all of it. 
 Vlad tagged along, and he ate the remainder of Chris' steak and washed it all down with a nicely aged wine. You can see from his stomach that he is really stuffed. No fancy date night is finished without holding your pet bats cape as he's sick in the bathroom. <3!

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