Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taco's Tattoo

Last week when my friend Jakk (pictured left) decided to get a tattoo, Taco (pictured right) decided likewise. 
 Yes, his nickname is Taco. His name is Daniel... don't ask.
He had a tattoo idea stirring in his head for a time now, so where does he decide to get his first immortalized design of pain?
On the most painful place of course, his chest! (Let it be known, he didn't shave his chest, he's just... yeah).
He took the pain pretty well. He just lay back and let the tattoo artist do his work.
In the end, the artist threatened to ink his nipple black.
Taco took it bravely.
It was all in good fun. It's so cool to know that a tattoo artist who is a complete bad ass can joke around with us like that. :D
Here is Taco's new, fresh ink, still a little red and bleeding. And no, he did NOT get his nipple tattooed black. :P
We saw Resident Evil in the theaters afterwards, Taco had a fascination with his 3D glasses.
I had more of a fascination... for danger...
After an hour, Taco took the bandage off of his tattoo and showed off his ink.
That shiny thing in Jakk's hand, that's a knife. He tends to over-polish those suckers.
Aaaand he has a fascination with my face. ^^;
An overall good time with friends was had. They keep saying that I'm next up for a tattoo, eep! <3!

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