Sunday, July 14, 2013

Curtain Project

Here's a little project I finished the other day- my curtains!

I always hated how bare my curtains looked- just cream lace with light purple on the edges. Nothing at the top, nothing special. So I bought some purple sequin curtains to add on and, as you can see, my Chihuahua, Spanky, wanted to help.
He knows my curtains were a disaster and wanted to help in ANY way possible.
These were the curtains I purchased. As you can see from the above photo, they were a bit darker than the picture, a fact I LOVED.
Purple with lots of sewn lines and sequins threaded through, they caught the light beautifully.
I unwrapped them and they were WRINKLED! I brought out our iron and learned our ironing board was thrown out several months ago. Making due with what I have, I used this itty bitty fold away coffee table to iron these huge curtains. I was determined dammit!
I made sure to iron them from the back, the fabric is kind of satiny and I didn't want to burn it. Also, I didn't want my iron to snag a sequin, that'd be BAD.
I realized at this time that I wanted to anoint my curtains with oils. I have several oils I use regularly, so I brought them out to see my choices. If you have an oil burner like my glass one in the background, you can mix several oils and use that to anoint your curtains. OR, if you have little glass containers like the one on the bottom left of my picture, that would be helpful too.
Bonus- these little roll on oils would be the perfect, mess free applicator for this sort of project.
Nevertheless, I chose this bottom oil for my project. It's a warm vanilla scent with a floral hint of gardenia, I figured it to be perfect.
I dotted a SMALL amount on the fabric every here and there concentrating on the hemn of the curtains and ironed the scent into the fabric. NOTE: make sure this process won't ruin your curtains. The heat and oil might make the fabric undergo a chemical process, so make sure to do a trial run on the bottom corner of your curtains first.
With one curtain ironed and anointed, I hung it on the far right of my curtains.
I ironed the other curtain and slipped it on the same rod on the outside of the first curtain.
Then, I separated the two and focused on the outer curtain.
Find the middle of the curtain and slip on a small rubber band like this on the middle.
Drape it across the top of your curtains like this, smoothing out the fabric and folding how you'd like.
Then, my favorite Gothic tool- safety pins!
Pin it from behind the rubberband to the curtain beneath it (in my case, the cream lace curtain). That sucker ain't going nowhere!
Now, let's focus on the other side which currently looks like this.
Put a rubberband on the end of the curtain and repeat- safety pin it on the far end of the curtain rod.
So now, my curtain looks like this!
Go back to the original purple curtain and slip a rubber band around that and the other color curtain you have (in my case, these light purple curtains). Band them together like this.
So it looks like this. As you can see, my cream curtain looks barren and exposes my venetian blinds. ><!
So that's where we use this little hook. Slip a safety pin onto the hook from the bottom coil, then slide some folds of your curtain into the safety pin.
So now, your venetian blinds are hidden, like this!
Not bad.
This is the result thus far.
I liked the contrasting colors, but it needed more, so I added this gold curtain to the top of my curtain valence.
I really like how it pulls together my pink walls and the purple in the curtains.
So now, my sacred space in the corner of my bedroom looks like this- closet doors and everything.
In the morning, this was what I woke up to. This photo doesn't quite capture how the colors looked. The golden curtain glowed and cast a beautiful glow to my bedroom, and the sun shone through the dark purple curtains and rippled through the sequins which had cast small ghosts of light around my bedroom beautifully.
I'm VERY happy with the outcome of my sacred space. I hope this has been of some help to some of you, happy decorating! <3!


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