Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY T-Shirt Alterations [IMG heavy]

I spent a GREAT deal of today altering some plain T-shirts I had lying around for a while. I can't wear regular T's- the restrictive neckline gives me claustrophobia, and their overall blandness makes me sad. So! Today, I got a little scissor happy! Less talk, more photos! 

This one is very basic. I cut out the neckline, the seams on the sleeves, and the bottom seam as well. 

Then, I cut up the back and tied it into knots according to my own shape. Yes, I'm in my underwear. It was very hot and we don't have AC. ><!

This one is my favorite shirt. I cut slits where my bra straps go as well as slits that I messily tied on the sleeves. To top it off...

The back! Omg, this one took FOREVER. Mind you, I wear my shirts AS I tie up the back to ensure a great fit. Then, I cut off the knot remnants and tied the spare fabric on the knots to create this messy "mummy" effect. I REALLY like this, particularly on white shirts, even though my arms were dying in the end.

This one, I kept pretty basic. I cut out the neckline, I cut off the sleeves, and I cut off the bottom seam on the shirt. I'm thinking of adding blue bows on the sleeves, but we'll see.

I made these ties bigger than the "mummy" shirt I previously tied. I tied this one pretty far up, almost up to my neck. I think I'm going to cut off the first 2-3 ties, this shirt look a bit restrictive for my taste.

I LOVE this one! I cut the neckline, cut off the sleeves, cut off the bottom seam, AND added these little black ribbons which I tied into bows on the sleeves. CUUUTE!!!

And because this shirt is an off-white, cream color, it got the "mummy" treatment. My arms are gonna be sore tomorrow! ><!

Next, my Dead Girl coffin top. I like it because it's basic black, but with some touches of green. I'm really frightened of colors, so I think this'll help incorporate some color into my wardrobe without overdoing it. Really basic here, I left on the sleeves but cut off the bottom seam of the sleeves, the bottom seam of the shirt, and the neckline.

Since there is a coffin on the front, I thought a "mummy" tying technique would look best. Also, I gave my shirt a "> <" shape so it looks corseted. I really like this look, though it IS time consuming.

Ahh, I love this shirt! I gave the neckline more of a boat-scoop and cut some slits onto the sleeves. I really love this print, it's a favorite of mine.

I decided on bigger ties for the back to match the slits on the sleeves. It looks good like this.

Then came this shirt. It says "Slipknot" on the front with their 9-pointed star and some dark green filigree, along with their logo "S" in the back. I made some slits on the front about my collar bones, then...

I corseted the sides. I kept the front of the ties pretty straight so as to not alter the logo printed on the front, but I tapered the slits off on the backside.

The back of my shirt with the Slipknot "S" wickedly printed. It looks a bit plain still though, we'll see about this one.

Needless to say, my arms are spent. All that cutting and tying really did a number on my hands, but I'm really proud of the results. What do you guys think?

I hope this has inspired you to go out and alter your own clothes- all it takes is a good pair of scissors, and Hulk arms that won't quit. :P

Happy modifying! <3!


Anonymous said...

Those all look so cool! where did you get all those t-shirts, they are all awesome!

Serenity said...

Thank you! I'm afraid to say that all (but the skeleton smoking one) were bought from Hot's clearance section. I bought them two sizes too big (all that was left) and cut them down to size. The smoking skeleton one was a gift to me, so I'm not truly sure. Hope this helps! <3!