Friday, July 12, 2013

Sacred Space

What the corner of my bedroom between my backdoor and restroom looks like! :D
I'm sooo happy with this result! For a long time, it just looked like this.  
Mind you, this is the "I'm putting things here to make it look fancy" picture. Finally, I decided to add these bad boys.
They're plain white closet doors that we had in the garage. They were just sitting there from when we bought them at a garage sale a few years back and were just sitting there, until I found them.
I owe this project all to these bad boys.
My boyfriend, Eddie, went to San Diego and happened to see these and buy them for me, and it was then that my creative juices started flowing. I tried to find some wire to hang them with and I found these.
Wire is wire, I say! I used those on the end loops like this.
And strung them up by the ends on my closet doors.
They held pretty well, and didn't slide at all. Seeing how they stood put, I decided to add more.
And voila! Hung up pretty bottles!
Closer up, they look like this with lots of paperclips. Not too bad.
I wanted these closet doors to have a purpose so I decided to hang up my jewelry on it. Let's start with the earrings, I said.
But there was a problem- what about earrings with studs? I know! I got some ribbon and passed it through like this...
Then tied it off in a knot. Feel free to make a pretty bow if you'd like.
Then go about half-way and tie another knot like this.
Finally, tie off your ribbon on the other end like this so you have a length of tied ribbon like this.
Start adding your stud earrings through the ribbon!
I added my everyday studs to one side, and my longer dangly earrings on the other side. Holds up like a charm!
This was the works of adding my earrings to the door!
I then started adding my necklaces by draping them around the bottles on the garland.
I added my crystals to the left and my more Gothic/Victorian stuff to the right.
Here I hung up my more tribal bracelets. As you can see, this garland chain of bottles is going NOWHERE.
I found this pretty purple sash I never use and draped that at the top, then adorned the ceiling with this lovely star light I bought eons ago. I was glad to use the high, middle, and low levels of these doors with pretty stuff.
I disappeared for a while and added stuff, this is the final product.
More bracelets, necklaces, and I added fake flowers to the bottles as well.
I have this fan I always lose, NOT ANYMORE.
Then some added foliage and butterflies for good effect.
More leaves. I really love this idea because, not only am I using dead space, but now I will be able to see all my jewelry laid out in front of me instead of crammed into a little jewelry box on my dresser. It's out, it's on display, and I like this.
Here I add my business cards to stuff I like. I got these cards from some purchases of awesome sellers at the Ren Fair this past year, that's some good stuff.
And here is the far away finished shot of my sacred space.
I can't really call this my "alter", it's more of a place where I put my nature related materials. I have oils, candles, sand, water, pictures, vials, and other crystals and bird feathers I've found. I just have a natural love for nature, so I thought it should be as beautiful as possible.
I hope this has inspired you to decorate your space as well. Feel free to add bats, spider webs, gloves, hats, or any other items your Gothic heart desires.
Happy hunting! <3!


Anonymous said...

This is really clever and pretty!

Serenity said...

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D <3!