Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tank Tute

Hello lovelies! Here's a quick tutorial on how I made this tank top design.
First, mark the center of your design. I just eyeballed it, but you can break out a ruler or something if you like.
Now, you have a straight line going down the center of your tank.
Next, use tape to mark the top of where your design should go.
Now, mark the bottom of where you want your design. I did this with my tank top on so I can get a visual of where the result will lie.
Now, bring out a book or a board to slide under your tank top. This won't be too messy, but it's best to use something you wouldn't mind damaging.
Slide that sucker underneath so your tank top lies flat like this.
Next, use your chalk (or in my case, white eyeliner) to draw your design. Use your center mark and tape as a guide.
Now its time to paint! I use this Tulip Glitter paint. It holds very well, and I like glitter so there you go.
Fill in your design with the chosen color you desire.
So now, your tank top is done! Just leave it alone for however long your paint says.
Mine says 4 hours, but I'll leave it alone overnight. And what do you know, it's tea time!
So now that it's the day after, your shirt will be dry and ready to wear!
This is my end result. I need to rub out that center line I made, but I'm VERY happy with my design! What will YOU make today? Leave me a picture in the comment section, have fun! <3!

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