Thursday, July 28, 2011

Train Station

Hello Gothlings!

Recently, my family and I have been piecing together bits and pieces of my family history. My grandfather died when I was three and my grandmother when I was 8 (same year as my dad), so it's hard to get a clear story of what happened to whom in what year. We were curious about something my grandmother had said when she was alive, so my mom and I sought the truth out.

According to my grandmother, her family moved to Mexico during WWII and she (the youngest daughter) had a working Visa to the United States. This means that, though she lived in Mexico, she could take a train to California, work and make money, and go back home. Her family needed the money badly, so she used to do this- a fifteen year old girl, alone, taking a train into a whole new country to make wages for her family.

Los Angeles has small bits and pieces of history left over, but only if you know where to look for it.

After much driving and searching, my mother and I found it- the old railway station my grandmother took in her youth each week to America.
It was surrounded by a huge fence and we weren't allowed to cross it, but my camera has a decent amount of zoom.

This thing is old.

Not quite gothic architecture, but still old and decrepit (my favorite sort of edifice).

It wasn't burned, just very old and weather beaten.

There's a small American flag in the middle of all that Mexican stonework.

Trains still run through the other side of it, but I really doubt any of them stop here for any reason.

It was nice to find the station. Just standing there, a few cars driving behind us to the modern world was so amazing (I'd imagine that this is what people in Europe feel). It's like, there's this OLD piece of history just across the street from like a Mc Donald's or something. It's been there for a long time that it seems rooted in the very spot it stands, yet it's so uncommon, strange, yet beautiful.

Being there helped me piece together a small portion of my family's history. Though I hardly remember my grandmother, just standing there, that station so close yet just out of hand's reach between steel bars, really filled me with emotion. If only time could once stand equally as still. <3!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Experience with Dreadlocks

Hello everyone!

Quick note: Does anyone know how to fix the stupid comment problem? I keep getting comments and I want to comment back, but my own profile won't let me! It keeps making me re-enter my info, enter a captcha, enter my info, enter a captcha, AAHH!!! PLEASE help me, this is reeeally annoying. *end rant*

So, I've been more or less obsessed with dreadlocks these past few days. Well, I've always kinda been wanting them. I have hair down to my arse and I wanted to dread it in high school. Having gone to a private school since 5th grade means strict dress code though, so dreads were a no go.

With more free time of this summer, I've been researching dreadlocks- how to make them, how to maintain them, how to clean them, etc. I still don't have the courage to get them, but I've been making and wearing my own dreadlocks, and this channel has reeeally helped me:

Doctored Locks is a company that deals with hair supplies, and on their channel, they have a ton of videos on how to make dreads (single ended and double ended), what type hair to use, how to make a dreading station, what tools you'll need, how to set them (in multiple ways for those of us without a steamer), and even how to style them in candycanes, stripes, and harleyquinns!

I'm so excited, especially knowing that I have a hair supplier a block away that sells Kanekalon jumbo braid hair for about $2, squee! I intend to stock up and make myself a bigger selection of dreads. I don't wear them too often, but I'm learning how to style them in MY hair. I have long wavy/curly/schizophrenic hair down to my arse in a natural dark brown color, and I was kind of hesitant to put crayon colored hair on my own head.

In this photo, I began a braid from my temple behind my bangs and braided it all the way down to the ends. Having secured the dread alongside the braid, I put my hair in a ponytail and candycane'd my braid into the dreadlock. Backcomb the ends of your hair with the dread and hairspray the rest into place, and voila! I really like this result. I just added a cute skeleton hand bow to hide any talltale signs of bumps.

I have hair down to my arse, Kanekalon hair is about 48 inches, so it's kind of odd to have natural hair hanging down with a rainbow of dreads about one's mid-back. By using 2 dreads of the same color and striping them in with my natural hair, I can make my dreads twice as long (ex. the purple dread).

I started the blue dread about the left side of my head and braided it with my own hair, leaving the bottoms unbraided and loose. I know my whole head isn't completely dreaded, but I like knowing that I can add in a few dreads for those off days when I feel too normal looking (which I find to be everyday nowadays, stupid summer shorts and flipflops...).

Hope this has been helpful, happy dreading! <3!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wacko's and some wilderness

Good evening!

A little while back, I hung out with a few friends and we went to this cool place in Hollywood called "Wacko's". It's a huge place with everything. Seriously, everything. Books, an art gallery, candles, cups/mugs/shotglasses, bags, postcards, posters, EVERYTHING.
Like I said, EVERYTHING.
Here's a few photos of random shelves and the like.
I liked that plush doll on the top shelf with the black body, white face, and heart.

I loved the Rose Quartz skull.

He seemed happy.
We went into the art gallery which was on the right side of the shop. I didn't want to take photos of the artwork though, it just seems disrespectful to me. Meh, I'm weird. After the art gallery, we headed into the back room where they sell weird(er) random things.

Like an assortment of bones.

Baby sharks in a jar.

And more skulls and bones.
There was a lot of artistic graffiti on the wall outside, so Kyle and I had a little photoshoot.

The art gallery is called "La Luz de Jesus"

And it belongs to ME!

This looks like an odd sort of postcard. :P
This is exactly the sort of place I could spend HOURS just browsing, but my friend Kyle and
I decided to go on a wilderness walk at the Griffith Park Observatory. There, we stumbled upon a random rope swing!
Kyle and I took turns.

You gotta love my gothic smile.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lumbosacral Corset!

Hello gothlings!

I woke up to a great surprise this morning! There was a box with my name on it on my doorstep and it said it was from ebay. I usually buy shirts/socks/skirts, clothing items that don't require a box, so anxiously took it in and opened it.

Inside was my new (to me) lumbosacral corset!!!

It's sooo cool! It's made from white duck and has pretty aged stains on it (I'm probably the only one that would LIKE that fact).

It has buttons and hooks in the front with three lace-up fans on the each side.

By pulling the straps, you tighten the fan laces and tighten the corset.

It's a man's medium and has a 36 inch hip, so I'm thinking of using my SSS ("superior sewing skillz") to adjust it so it's just under my size (it's fully tightened in these photos).

It's not meant for waist training, but as a device meant to support the lower back (the lumbosacral part). It has steel bones going down the back, but I couldn't get a good enough photo (these were all taken by me, d'oh!).

I love it. I'm thinking of covering it in fake blood and using it for Halloween as an escaped inmate costume. It's so wicked and scary looking in really life, like a straight jacket for your waist!

I'm in love, but it needs a name. Any suggestions? <3!

My Fourth of July!

Hello everyone!

My fourth of July was a blast. So much, in fact, that I have only now had enough time to sit and talk about it.

So! I'm not sure how many international friends I have out there, so I want to give a brief synopsis of what the fourth of July means to those of us (un)fortunate enough to live in America!

On July fourth, Americans celebrate when the Declaration of Independence was signed and passed, declaring America independent of England (see? Declaration of Independence? Yeah, our founders weren't very inventive with titles. :P ).

This means that, once a year, families go to fireworks vendors and explode things all night long, often preceded by a barbecue or picnic of some sort. I had the chance to hang out with family and some great family friends all day long, just spending time together and eating lots of food. Mmm, food. Even if barbecues are hard for a vegetarian like me, I still enjoy the company of my loved ones. ... occasionally. ... the food helps, they can't talk much when chomping on a chicken leg. XD

Here's a little video I made of my night with my family blowing things up. Enjoy!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

To all of my American (and international) Spooky lovers out there, Happy Independence Day!!! <3!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Goth Make-up (Pics & Tutorial)

Hello, oh darkly inclined!

I was online browsing through gothic make-up photos, and I realized- it's hard for a brown eyed girl to be goth! Being constantly surrounded by photos of gorgeous blue/green eyed beauties with pallid skin and dark hair- the contrast is shocking and lovely to those of our culture.

I have brown eyes and peachy skin- not quite moonlight lily white (sighs), but not tanned. With my combination, I have to focus on bringing out my eyes as best as I can.

I love eyeliner. The way how it looks as it wings out from the eye and swirls around the temples, it's just gorgeous. I find that my skin is too oily to accomodate such fine lines, and my hands tend to shake when I attempt intricate patterns.

Nevertheless! This post shall be my inspiration to not be so lazy!

Here are some photos of eye make-up I found whilst browsing the internet:

LOVE this one. It's not to heavy on the black, but those eyelashes are both beautiful, delicate and creepy- the perfect combination for me. The lower lashes could be replaced with liquid eyeliner too.

A basic swirly design, but a little bit goes a long way (especially with awesome red hair).

I found this template of beautiful eyeliner designs. I think these would go along well with those who paint their eyebrows, but I'm really into the top middle design. I'm kinda into dots with my make-up right now.

I love how they matched her eyeshadow to her hair, and the gloves. MUST. HAVE.

A completely different photo, but I don't imagine that the above photo and this close-up photo are too far off.

These two are really gorgeous. Simple maybe, but I want to try my hand at these. I just need to go out and buy some decent black glitter eyeshadow.

I found this photo while on campus browsing through magazines. Though from a Japanese magazine, the plum shadow brings out her eyes and goes with her purple lipstick. I can see myself wearing something similar to this on "I need to dress normal" days (perhaps with purple lipgloss as well).

When people ask me how I do my make-up, I always wished I could just reference them somewhere so they could see it. I feel odd trying to describe how I wing my eyeliner and set my glitter with hairspray (Yup, hairspray. You gotta love dragqueens).

About two hours ago, I washed my face of all my make-up and put it all back on for you. This is how I wear my make-up on days when I have enough time. :P

How do you wear your makeup? <3!

Friday, July 1, 2011

My Outfits [IMG Heavy]

Hello Gothlings!

Happy First of July!!!

I get asked on my blogspot and on my Facebook what I wear on a daily basis, so today's post is going to feature a lot of photos of myself in my self-imposed "goth garb." Most of these photos were taken while I was getting ready in the morning, or at the end of the day when hair was flat and lipstick was faded off after drinking my victims blood, so please bear in mind- these are to show my outfits and not my make-up/hair/accessories.

Some of these were outfits for school, outfits for dates, or outfits for lazing it up at home, or whatever. Either way, here's the intro of my image heavy outfit blog. So sit back and feast your eyes on my goth-defying outfits! (Click on any photo to see them enlarged).

Let's start with some casuals:
 Yes, I am wearing blue jeans. These are mostly lazy day outfits (hence the ponytail and pigtails) that I wear on the weekends to get the laundry done. It's hard work scrubbing all those blood stains...

 Some more casual/"safe" outfits. I love to wear that bunny backpack with an uber-goth outfit, the expressions I get are hilarious.

The top photos are lazy day outfits (notice the bathrobe) and the bottom ones I've worn on dates or meeting with my boyfriends' family. They know I dress "eccentric" but they have no idea, MUAHAHA!!!... moving along.

I wore this outfit yesterday. It's hot here in California, so my skirts and stockings and gloves were temporarily replaced. I like this shirt. It's new, and I promptly named it my "hands off" outfit. I have a thing for bones. X3

My 70's inspired "Crazy On You" outfit. Oh, how I love those guitarists. 

That one time I attempted to straighten my hair (yes, this is my hair STRAIGHT) and realized it wasn't worth it. 

My Veronica Varlow t-shirt I bought at the Emilie Autumn concert on March 3rd, 2011. AWESOME SHOW!!! XD

I woke up feeling green, I forgot I had those bondage straps...

They're selling this HUGE bear at Costco and I LOVE him!... but he's too expensive, and I already have a huge ass bunny on my bed. Believe it or not, that Batman mask is NOT mine but my friends. He has a thing for Batman (he has toys and even a Batman suitcase. No Batman bedsheets though...).

These were experimentations with wearing my hair up with the ends spilling over. It's a nice look, but I prefer my hair down and crazy. Except for the mask, that one I like...

I made this dress a while back and am pretty happy with the result. Hooray for random useless patches! They make everything better. :]

Some experiments with wearing clothes I don't always wear.

Clothes you can see me wearing on any given day.

More any-given-day outfits usually worn to school/court/graveyards, etc.

Random outfits I would probably wear out on dates or other said outings with friends.

The outfit I wore to the Pink Parlor Festival and behold! I took a photo with Laura Ziba Caraway!!!! (the one with the blue hair) I HATE how I look in this picture, LOOK AT THAT WAIST!!!!! Corset... gorgeous... *swoon*  and yes, I can hula hoop like a demon. A DEMON THAT KILLS WITH A FLURRY OF HIPS!!!

This is the hairclip I bought from Laura's booth. It's a brass button with peacock feathers and the jawbone of a squirrel. I love the colors of it and how it goes with everything, I try not to wear it as much as I want to because I don't want the feathers to get wonky.

Yes, that is Casper on my tank top and spiderwebs on my fishnets. I got the shirt from a friend (which I later altered as shown here), the skirt from ebay for ten bucks and I made that fishnet shirt from a torn pair of fishnets. This outfit cost me like $15- reasons why I love being a scavenger of random bits of awesome.

This concludes my narcissistic post about my outfits, what do you guys like to wear? <3!