Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Flower Girl" Outfit

Today, I went with a floral theme to school. Here I am pondering the roses uponst my head.
I've been having fat days this week. I think I need to cut back on the tea. :P
A quick look at my make-up and crystals. These were smaller ones than I'm used to wearing. I think I prefer the larger ones with these small ones accenting them.
Some wild flowers with my pet glitter and glam spider, Lenny, on for added interest.
And some Spook on the other side of my head. I like this, it kinda looks like it's HOLDING my hair in place. "You'd have to pry my hair from my cold dead fingers!" ... literally. :P
I think I'm dressing more garden variety because it's Spring (which is pretty much like Summer in California). I miss wearing all black with PVC and corsets. :[ <3!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Club Lounge Outfit

Today, I thought I'd adventure out into the world of clubs. As you can see, I'm Rat Game ready with my claws beared. 
This was the outfit I wore, nothing too showy or crazy- a high fishnet necked tank dress and a poufy sleeved shirt on top, all smoothed out with my corset. Even though I'm gothed up, I still like to have a lot of lace with my corset on. It feels more romantic and Victorian to me, even though I'm wearing high heels made of PVC. 

I was really fond of this pink bathroom, it made me feel quite like a lady in a fainting room in the 1880's. And I just felt quite lady like in my gloom wear. I'm soo happy because I got this new purse on Ebay!

It's a heart shaped bag, and it matches the piping of my corset perfectly. I have a lot of heart encrusted clothes, so this was a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

It's pretty good quality, made of soft leather with grommets. It has black piping, and black ribbon with grommets all around both handles. It's kind of the antithesis of my corset, but I love it.

Me making a fool of myself in front of everyone as always. I think that's why I don't go out much, I make people uncomfortable. :P 
I'm not a drinker by any standards, but I finished up the night with this little number. 
It's white champagne with bits of chopped up fruit inside of it. I'm not a wine drinker by any means, but I like a good drink I can chew. :3
The Club (promptly named Club Lounge... yeah, it was lame) was a bit too loud and obnoxious for my taste, so I ended up going home before midnight. Overall, my purse's maiden voyage wasn't too bad. Next time, we'll go somewhere less chav-y. <3!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Mermaid" Outfit

Forgetting the classic "nautical" theme, I made my own representation of what a modern day mermaid would look like. I woke up feeling like a sea creature today, my long black hair like a seaweed halo around the crown of my head. 
First, the outfit. 
This was with my jacket on, I was having a fat day today. And wow, looks like the seaman I sang to his death left a hand print on my mirror!
No jacket, I was hoping the draping of my shirt would be more forgiving. >.<
I've grown very fond of wearing my spoon around my neck. It was given to me by someone who lost his way. Though he is gone, this is my perpetual way of keeping him near my heart and wishing him the best.
And here is the new hair clip I made a little while back.
Little known fact about me, I was born in Long Beach. I'm a Scorpio (a water sign), so I've always felt connected to the ocean and the moon. I went back recently and found some seashells to take home. I pieced together this hair piece, and now I always feel by the sea.
Where do you feel most at home? <3!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Circus Outfit and E.A. necklace

Ever since "The Devil's Carnival", I've felt a need to be more circus'ed in my wardrobe. I've been wearing more clothes that I typically don't wear and today was one of those days when I shook the cobwebs off my old vest. 
I added that heart on the lapel years ago, I think this was one of my first clothing items I modified to be more E.A. asylum themed. And what's even better...
Stripes! They clash a little with my checkered stockings, but... meh. Black-and-white is black-and-white, right?
Also, I wanted to wear my spoon on my body somehow. I decided to hang my spoon and the key to my locker at school together beneath my heart, like this.
I know what you're saying "But Mary, why didn't you wear your spoon and your key around your neck like you usually do?" Well, let me show you.
Yes! I got a new necklace in the mail! 
It's super cool. The photo necklace is actually more awesome in person. It's Emilie's Opheliac photo with her playing the electric violin (before she colored it gold) and is inset in a sort of bubbled setting mount.  
 It's actually great quality, and has just the right amount of weight to it. The description said not to get it wet, but other than that, I think this was a good buy.
Along with the sparkly red tank top, I wore my DIY red glittery skeleton hand in my hair. You guys already know how obsessed I am with sparkly/glittery things, I'm kind of like a crow in that aspect. :P
And on the other side was (you guessed it), my little DIY heart hair clip!
It's maiden voyage was a rough and stormy day at sea!... not really, but some girls in choir said it was cute. :P
So I hope you guys liked my outfit of the day! See you in Hell! <3!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A (Goth) Walk In The Park

Today was a day for adventure, and it began as it usually does for Goths...
Copious amounts of coffee at IHOP! We ordered the norm of pancakes with a side of gloom. I think the cook rose to the occasion.
A friend and I were very tired with stress of midterms and studying, so we decided to have an hour or two to ourselves and frolic. Outside, there was this furry bastard in this tall, huge concrete pedestal of some sort. I love squirrels, so I just had to give him a hug.
SO glad he didn't have thorns... And along we went until we reached our beautiful destination.
There is a park not too far from campus where there is a little rose garden. It's sooo lovely and smells heavenly indeed.
I have read the book and seen the movie "The Secret Garden", and this little piece of heaven was exactly what I would envision such a place to be. It's Spring, so all the roses were in bloom!
It was windy, but the sun shone and warmed things up just the right amount. My skin was safe from the horrible glare of the sun. It was a very lovely day.
There were many sorts of roses about the park.
I particularly love these roses. They bud white, and bloom open to show a delicate shade of pink. I LOVE these. We have a variation of these roses in our backyard, though not this specific type.
And alas, there was a faerie to be found! My friend juuust managed to snap this photo of her at just the right moment.
We sat on a bench and just watched our small corner of the world go around us. Uponst the trees, the squirrel that I hugged earlier somehow happened to come to life. He followed us and decided to make this park his new home.
It was so lovely. There are so many times I find myself with my head buried in a book, so much that I forget to lift my face to the beauty all around me. I haven't been able to go on a Goth Walk for a while, but I think this day spent with nature was just what I needed to center myself. The wind, the green, the silence, and a good friend by my side (they aren't pictured here, they're camera shy. :P).

Though most of the parks normal veterans looked upon me with the that typical sort of nervous disdain, I smiled and went along my miserable way. It was such a perfect day! I'm so glad we decided to escape. <3!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

DIY Hair Heart

I was home and I realized that people either think with their head or their heart, why not have both?
I love wearing hearts, or generally anything sparkly/glittery/bejeweled, but in a spooky-and-Gothic or Victorian-meets-burlesque sort of fashion, so I came up with this.
It was very easy and quick to make. To make this, you will need: fabric, a needle, thread, scissors, a bobby pin, and some knick-knacks to sew onto the heart. I added a dangling earring and skeleton key, but it's entirely up to you what you wish to add.

Start with your fabric:
Cut out the shape of a heart and trim to the desired size/shape of your own want. You will need two:
Take one side and cut two holes on either side so you can slip a bobby pin through it.
 Laying down your bobby pin, approximate where the holes will go.
 Once you made the small holes, slip your bobby pin through and sew down the bobby pin down.
Make SURE that you only sew down the bottom portion of the bobby pin so it will open and hold your hair, like this:
So now that the back of your heart is in prepared, let's move on to the front. 
 Choose whatever adornments you desire: keys, buttons, charms, beads, old necklaces, whatever.
I decided to go with two contrasting buttons, and a button of a bow. I'm a sucker for bows, really. Sew them into place.
 I decided that I wanted to have an old earring dangling from my heart...
 but I also wanted to add a skeleton key, and couldn't make up my mind...
 So I chose both! I added a small hoop on the bottom, and voila!
 I then took my pliers and bent the earring hook into a small loop like this:
 Now that you have your buttons sewed down and your charm ready, sew that sucker up.
 Going all the way around...
 When you're finished sewing up your heart, take your charm and (using your pliers) secure it into place.
 And this should be your finished product!
Slip that bobby pin into your hair and it should look like this. 
I think this is the perfect thing for girls who don't have pierced ears and still want a cute little ear dangle. 
I'm super happy with the way it came out and I'm sure you will too. <3!