Sunday, April 29, 2012

"The Crow" The Movie

What's that? You've never seen "The Crow"? Well, now you have no excuse. Enjoy, oh spooky ones! <3!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Egyptian Goth Outfit

I kinda feel like I got stuck in a Gothic rut, so I started looking through my jewelry box and I found this necklace.
My aunt bought me this necklace when she went to Egypt years ago, and I forgot about it until about a week ago. I had watched Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned", and I decided to try an Egyptian gothic outfit. This was the outfit I wore to school with this necklace. (Everytime you see these photos next to a mirror, you know I'm in my practice room... not practicing).
I had found some small spikes in my bedroom and I put them inside the top holes of my boots. I forgot to take photos, but I'll include some later.
Just a plain V-neck shirt and a black vest. Though my schizophrenic hair rarely lays flat, but I attempted to straighten it for that traditional Goth look.
I also found these earrings in my jewelry box. My boyfriend's brother, Armando, bought these for me when he was in Columbia, and I thought it matched my Egyptian necklace. I know those two continents don't touch, but... meh.

I went with a small cat-eye today. I wish I did something more drastic, like an Egyptian eye of Horus or... something heavier.
I felt like a glossy lip today, kind of like how they make Akasha's lips look in the movie.
Maybe next time I'll do my eyebrows like her too. <3!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Goths Make Better Lovers"

I found this video on YouTube and it seems to speak for itself. It is described as:

"A short film about the love too miserable to speak its name. Goths Make Better Lovers asks why do Goths always have boyfriends? Goths, so often the victims of wry asides, mild pity or open scorn have much to teach their more colourful bretheren when it comes to affairs of the heart. Because Goths always appear to be in a relationship - and obtusely, these relationships appear to be happier than the non-Goth kind."

Hilarious premise, I know. Originally aired in 2003. <3!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Today was the day Zombie Bunny died for your sins and arose from the grave! This is why we must consume bunnies of marshmellow fluff and... color... eggs! ...
Okay, so maybe I have my facts wrong. But I somehow managed to look human for my familial gathering of nourishment consuming events. AKA, a BBQ.
Nothing is worse than being a vegetarian at a barbecue. But one thing made me feel a bit better. This little guy. Erm, girl.
It's a baby hen that my uncle bought for his family. She's about 2 weeks old, and they haven't named her yet. I assured her that she was safe in my hands. In fact, these were the only real food items I consumed at said barbecue.
Strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles, mmm!!! My cousin David insisted that the baby hen was friendly, so he took her out and played with her in the living room.
I don't know why I was afraid of the little hen. Just look how well these two get along. :3
My other cousin, Lorena, had learned about a hair technique called "chalking". Apparently, you buy some of these chalk pastels, rub them in your hair, and they temporarily color your hair.
For those of you who never heard of it, here's a fast video that explains how to do this:

I wanted to try this, so I chose the brightest red color there was. I'm a brunette, so I knew a brighter color would stand out on my dark strands than a more subtle color.
 With a trusty mug of water nearby, Lorena and I were ready to experiment.
 I got a section of hair just by my ear like this.
 and started coloring it...
 Until it looked like this. I brushed it out a bit, and it still stood pretty red. Not too bad.
Today was pretty fun. Lots of food and family to keep me going. And some new stockings too.
There are little black bows in the back, guess I should wear these the right way next time. What did you guys do for your Easter? Did you celebrate? How did you celebrate? Finding eggs in bushes? Throwing eggs at houses? Divulge. <3!

Gothic Easter Gifts

So it's Easter. You're Goth, and you don't know what to give. It IS a day of sparkles and bunnies and eggs, so what do you do?
 Well, there is that light and fluffy part of me that loves pink and sparkles...
 But there is also that part of me that loves all things vampiric and sharp.
 I love how the frame is mirrored, and this design is very classy and elegant.
 Another great Goth gift is candles! How else can you give darkness and fire in one gift?
 Of course, every witch needs to have a familiar.
 No matter how unconventional they may be.
 ... very unconventional.
 No matter what gift you're giving, these guys are super fun when adding some awesome to a card. I've wrapped gifts in white paper and doodled on the paper when I wanted to make the gift more personal, and these guys (Sharpies too) are really fun to use.
 What's a Goth without their intellect? Books are every body's best friend because intellect looks great on everyone.
 I REEEALLY wanted to buy this for myself, but I refrained. I never have any visitors, but something like this would be uber-cool. AND it was $9.99.
 For your wardrobe needs, black and white vestements are always an order.
 Something white and lacy is always Spring-y, even if you aren't into floral prints.
Or you could stick to the basics and mix it up with a black lace number like this one.
All of these items I found at Ross for under $10 and, since today was the day that Zombie Bunny died for your sins and rose from the dead, you best spread some Gothic-egginess. <3!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Make-up tutorial and Parasols

Happy Spooky Wednesday! In success of the first "Hump Day" my first week back from Spring Break, I thought I'd leave you with a make-up tutorial I made a few days ago.

Also, I was blogging through different websites when I found this blog about parasols. Okay, so the entire site is NOT dedicated soley to parasols, but this particular blog they posted about parasols was pretty cool. I never seen those "Spider Parasols" before, I want one! <3!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gothic Florals?

Yup, you read that right. Gothic florals. The lands of gothicism and florals don't seem to cross in any way, but just believe me and read on. You'll see that there is more flowers in Goth than you thought. Let's begin with the accessories:
Nothing too crazy. A scarf, a bag, gloves, a shawl, and a parasol.
Springtime is here! There are lovely traces of flowers on my parasol, something I never paid attention to before.
 My favorite ivory scarf has this lovely autumn leaves on both sides. And my bag:
It has this lovely fleur-de-lis sort of pattern on it. I love black velvet! And my gloves too! I used these for the Sondheim show.
They're an off-white, cream fabric with a lot of flowers all over. As a matter of a fact, most of my glovelettes are a floral lace, even my shawl.
Now, moving on to outfits. I'll stick to dresses for time's sake. I always wear this white dress with black fishnets and big black boots with my hair down and loose.
Then, I took another look at the fabric.
It's all florals! So I turned to my favorite fancy gothy dress, this red dress with black lace.
 Check out the lace on my waist, it's floral lace!
  Even my gothiest bodice, the grey contrasting fabric has a lovely viney floral print all over.
I normally don't wear this dress too often, though it is a lovely favorite of mine.
 The fabric is cream with a stark black floral print all over. It's really lovely.
Sometimes when my arms feel too bare in a plain tank top, I'll slip this on top.
 It's a wrap top, and it's covered in a lovely print.
 Even my stockings!
 Flowers of doom!
 Okay, so everyone gothic has a bunch of leggings right. But what about floral leggings?
 I know, they're not your thing or something. But these leggings with a stark, Wednesday Addams dress is really awesome. Believe me. :D
 And for your hair, there is always a wild assortment of weeds to plant there.
 I usually like to wear a fascinator with a few flowers tucked in on the sides or something.
  Even a plain pillbox hat is super cute when adorned with a fancy weed or two.
Some nice gothic floral jewelry that I have is my rose ring (I always wear this).
My Evenstar from LOTR. ... yes, I'm a nerd.
My cameo. She is adorned with flowers, as well as some in her hair too.
These leafy earrings I bought from my good friend, Jessica. They glow!
And what's a garden without a few insects?
Or, you could always go out with your wings. I made these myself a few years ago, I love them so!
So as you can see, there are more flowers in Goth than you thought. I believe this had to have started with the advent of the cemetary Goth. Girls in black long dresses with veils and an armful of dead dry flowers. Also, the advent of Pagans, faeries, everything Victorian, and Ophelia too of course. And any artwork by Victoria Frances as well.
All in all, there are more flowers in your life than you may have thought. <3!