Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goth Walk and Easter

I was bored at home the other day, so I decided to partake in one of my most favorite past times- GOTH WALK!

I like to call this- "Life through a Spooky Parasol".
I past by a house with an abandoned trailer, it's so creepy and I love it!
 Poor little trash can. I hope you can find your soul someday.
 I also never realized what pretty flora there was all around where I live.
 I love these flowers, I think they're lilies? I don't know, but I like them.
 Soon I was at CVS and lo and behold- PEEPS!
 I had completely forgotten that Easter was coming up, and soon.
I kind of like Easter. I like wearing an all black outfit with a pair of these on top.
 Or maybe a pair of these...
I was just being creepy, walking around, taking photos of random things. I rather like this egg wreath. I think it could use a big black bow, but it's cute. I always have a tendency to accent pastels with black. Kind of like how my bedroom is pink and I have black posters all over the walls.
 This mug was HUGE. I think it was a dessert mug, I could put my fist into it and still have room all around the edges. It was the last mug. I liked it a lot, but it had a chip on the inside and was broken. Alas, we must depart dear mug.
I stumbled upon this box of socks and, yes, you read that tag right- they were a dollar a pair! I suppose it isn't too hard to guess which pair I bought. :P
I liked these baskets. They reminded me of drag queens with feather boas. :D
Okay, this next guy kind of confused me. I'm guessing you put batteries in it, and it chirps or something. They WERE cute. I like fluffy things, even if they pretend to be a bunny and actually aren't a bunny. LIAR!!!
 After buying some goods, I started walking home again. I was soon spotted by this familiar. I love how his eyes match the grass. :3
He was in front of a house that had this truck outside. Maybe he just thought it was dinner time.
 Obligatory Fish Face!
I soon made it home. Good thing too, the sun was beginning to break through the clouds. I had bought some things for my family for Easter, nothing too big though. I prefer lots of knick-knacks instead of big gifts anyway (besides, would you rather have a little knick-knack you don't like, or a big something you can't hide?).
 I bought these socks for my mom, and these chocolates too. They're her favorite.
I didn't know what to get my brother. He's a year older than me (25) and I doubt anything pink and fluffy with pastels would be favorable, so I got him a rubber ducky.
 These next items were for myself. ^^;
 What? I couldn't resist! The stripes... they beckon me...
 I have long ass hair, and I always have the tendency to lose these.
 And nestled nicely inside my bag are two green tea Arizona's. What bag is that you ask?
Bam! My Virgin Sister Bones bag! I'm so glad I finally got to use it. When the guy was ringing me up and I handed him this bag, his face was priceless. As if the coffin backpack and parasol weren't enough. Spread the spook! <3!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hospital Visit

I know I promised to post more blogs and slipped, but I have a good reason. I swear!
I had to go to the hospital yesterday. I'm alright, but it was just something that needed to be done. On a Victorian-tea side note, I'm glad they changed their gowns to this lovely dusty rose pink.
Probing instruments of my demise.
Oh God, not the sink!
They gave me an injection, then they took some blood. I LOVE those little vials they draw blood with. I wanted one for myself, but the lady said no. That tape was HELL to pry off! Its like medical duct tape! :[
^ Still rocking the striped stockings. They went quite well with my dusty rose pink paper gown. Soon after, with all the poking and prodding and shots and blood, I was very hungry and shaky. I know you're not supposed to eat if you're having blood drawn, but is that really necessary? Needless to say, food was in order, and I wasn't going to eat in that horrible hospital cafeteria. Time for my favorite event- GOTH WALK!!!
Just because I was at the hospital doesn't mean I'm (un)dead and I still dressed in my gothy best (though to a lesser degree, I don't want a doctor with a syringe getting the wrong idea). There was a diner about a block away, and my gothy boots were made for stompin'.
I passed by this lovely railroad. I'm not too sure if it's still in use, it had a nice apocalyptic feel to it. I think it'd be nice to have a photoshoot here sometime. I was well past the railroad when lo and behold, the gothic sanctuary!
Denny's! The perfect place for spooky companions to commune and reflect upon their dark ways... and what a better way than with an unlimited supply of coffee!
They were having some pancake special thingy, so I ordered my usual- hashbrowns and scrambled eggs with lots of blood ketchup and pepper.
These were my pancakes. They had white chocolate chips inside with strawberries and whipped cream outside. I ate them without syrup, they were soo gooey and good!
Strawberry of doom!
And since I was alone, I brought a libel companion to peruse and contemplate with my insatiable coffee.
Uponst my reflections of life, this was the view from my booth.
After my meal, I went for a walk to closer inspect this edifice.
It had a nice feel, kind of like a hotel in Spain would have (I'm guessing).
I always wanted to stay in a huge hotel in Spain with lots of fountains and wild peacocks roaming around, kind of like that hotel in "Original Sin." I wonder what their coffee would taste like.
After some gothic curious inspections, I returned home. I received several shout outs and lingering stares by male drivers (okay seriously, WHY do men have to stare so Goddamn hard at a woman walking down the street? I'm not making a commotion, WHY must you visually rape me?!). In either case, it's good to see that the middle finger is a universal sign language symbol. :D <3!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pink Parlour Merch

Going into the Pink Parlour, I gave myself an $80 limit because I know how I can get with all these amazing handmade stuffs. The main person I wanted to see and buy stuff from was this lovely lady.
Virgin Sister Bones (aka Laura Ziba Caraway) is an amazing model, cartoonist, and taxidermist too. This was our third year returning to the Pink Parlour Festival, and to me Laura is one of the main reasons. Unfortunately, she wasn't there in person, but her representative was there selling her merch for her.
This was the tote bag I got for free! I was talking to her rep about how I admire her and was sad that she wasn't there, and they said "Here, I'm sure she would have wanted you to have this." Squee!
 These are characters from her comic book, Phuck Que, which still isn't published. I can't wait until it is!
 And this is on the backside of the tote bag, Laura (Virgin Sister Bones) herself.
 I spent about $45 at her booth alone, and I bought these awesome panties.
 I've always been on the lookout for good pairs of goth underwear, but you never get a good pair unless it's around Halloween. :[
 I love that my arse says F*** You. That's what you get if you look up my skirt!
 The light doesn't capture this color too well, but it is the perfect color of hot pink.
 Another shirt of hers I bought was this nice little number.
 I really like this drawing of hers, the original scene can be found here:!/photo.php?fbid=188792777838056&set=a.140626799321321.35875.100001220066224&type=3&theater
 Evil squid on the back. :3
 Another favorite artist of mine that I discovered is Leilani Joy. I love all her female figures and how she portrays them. This is her painting called "Flora".
 I also bought this set of postcards that are Alice In Wonderland Themed too.
 Alice herself, I love the addition of the spades. She actually cut a teacup in half and used it in her artwork, that's why it seems to pop out of the photo.
 The Mad Hatter. Notice the other side of the teacup.
 The White Rabbit, she looks absolutely darling.
 And a sultry Queen of Hearts with her roses of red.
 I also bought a pin of hers that was super cool and came in this little blue bag.
 She said that this character was inspired by The Black Swan, the full picture of this female figure is really pretty.
 In addition to all my wearable art, I also bought this flower hair clip.
 I always wear flowers and feathers in my hair, and I had yet to buy a proper dark purple one. But now I do!
I got a lot of cool stuff at this Festival, I wonder what stuff I'll get next year. <3!