Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Crow 2: Sarahs outfits

I know that a lot of Goths have seen the movie "The Crow", but there is some hesitation to see "The Crow 2". It seemed that with the success of the first movie, film makers simply wanted to make another movie to make a profit, a fact that most goths resent because of Brandon Lee's death. I HAVE seen it and, though it doesn't hold the same interest to me as the first movie did I really rather like the outfits worn by Sarah. 
If "The Crow" is in chromatic black and white, "The Crow 2" is its older sister- all sepia and crumbling at the edges. It's romantic in a modern day sense of the word, if that makes any sense. Layers of chiffon and lace and sheer fabrics under a corset.
Sarah is a tattoo artist and painter in the movie, but she dresses like a modern Gothic ballerina. She always has a corset of some sort on, and I rather like the color scheme she wears.
Sarah (the little girl in "The Crow") has grown up and has some powers of premonition. I don't want to give away the storyline (see the movie, it's on Netflix), but the artistic way she dresses (and her room) is just awesome. Lots of candles, books, art, and curtains. And her cat from the first movie too.
Some of her outfits have an almost "grunge" feel to them. Sometimes it seems like they actually sprinkled her clothes with dust to make them seem aged in a way. I really like it, though I doubt I could go out in public and get away with the chalky look. ^^; <3!

Monday, February 20, 2012

"Normal" Creepy Cupcake Outfit

Today was another "I feel like a creepy cupcake day."
It was one of those days where you have a lot of errands to do, so you try to dress like your gothy self but with a touch of "I'm attempting to look normal today."

 I recently acquired a black button-up cardigan with dainty white lace around the wrists. It's kinda schoolgirl, kinda Wednesday Addams, so I decided to pair it with a poufy striped skirt and a pink bodice.
 I feel like such a girly-girl in this outfit, it feels... strange. Notice the   O.o   look in my eyes. Yup, girliness isn't my forte.
I opted for a glossy lip rather than my regular red lipstick (even though my nails ARE red, gothic faux paus much?). I feel very very normal in this outfit, I think I'll give myself some crooked, messed up pigtails for when I go to the market. >:3 <3!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I got a Puppy!

I came home the other day and was told we were to have a new member of the house. I blinked. I'm 24, my mom is well into her 50's, and my father had passed away when I was 9 years old. It was then that my mom stepped aside and revealed this little guy to me.
He is TOO adorable! He's a long haired chihuahua and my mom named him Spanky. The black thing in the basket with him is his collar, but it's too big for him so it fell off. He's That TINY! I decided to keep it safe for him until he grows a little and have been wearing it as a bracelet, it goes with all my outfits. He will make a nice goth dog.
Being a vegetarian, I love all animals. In our household, we now have 4 birds, 2 dogs, a turtle, and a fish. Yup, we have a nice little zoo going on here. Seeing as how he was a new member to our family and all, I decided to bake him a cake.
Of course I made a chocolate cake! I popped in a little white candle for him too, he's all white so it just seemed fitting. Here's a close-up of my fast made yet thoroughly delicious cake.
I had some batter left over, so I made some chocolate cupcakes as well. Here they are, fresh outta the oven!
I popped them out of the tin and left them out to cool before icing them. They smelled soo good! As a goth, I much prefer the blackness of this cake over regular vanilla, but I wish I had some stripey cupcake papers, maybe something with bats...
 All iced up and ready for the nom!
He's super nice and teethes on my stompy boots, but I don't mind. I'm so glad we have a new pet in our house! I still want a pet ferret though... <3!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bizenghast Outfits

I have recenly been quite fond of wearing beauteous random objects upon my head, this one being a bowed veiled fascinator hat.
I've been wearing a lot of eye crystals too. Some people ask me if they're dermals (piercings), but I sheepishly confess that they are just crystals and some eyelash glue.
 I don't know if I really like the big black bow or not. Should I remove it, or leave it?
I suppose the reason why I started wearing head accessories was because of these books.
Written and illustrated by M. Alice LeGrow, this is a 7 part (I couldn't find books 1 or 7 anywhere in my room, I need to clean!) series called "Bizenghast" about a girl named Dinah. Dinah lives in the town Bizenghast and can see spirits, and though I don't want to give too much of the storyline away, Dinah always wears AWESOME outfits.
 A little Lolita, a little Steampunk, her outfits are really cool.
 And as you can see, her friend, Vincent, is a well-dressed gentleman as well. :D
The last book in the series (book 8) has not been published because the anime/manga company that published books 1-7 went out of business. It breaks my heart, I want to know what happens!
My friends say Dinah looks like me (long hair, big eyes, eccentric dresser), maybe that's why I started wearing more accessories in my hair.
I'm not particularly fond of wearing braids in my hair, but if I had a dress like this, I certainly would.
I love that head ruff. It's part hat, part fascinator. It's heart shaped with folds of satin going around it, I wonder how she keeps her head accessories attached...
There's nothing I love more than a well-dressed lady. That skirt with pants (below) is really cool, kind of reminiscent of punk pants, but with more flounce and less D-rings.
 Ignore the thumb. ^^;
I REALLY want a black pair of Victorian boots like this. Even if worn with black skinny jeans, I think it'd look pretty nice.
I really like this outfit. I can't figure out what the pattern/color scheme is (damn you black and white manga!), but I love how lovely she looks. I think the reason I love these kind of outfits is because my body is more... curvy, I feel weird when I dress like a girl.
This outfit (below) is something I can see straight out of Kato's closet. I think my next head accessory purchase just may be a pair of goggles...
Alice told fans to design an outfit for Dinah and that she would put the outfit in the series. This was the winning design by the fan, and I LOVE it! I need to start sewing again...
Do you read any mangas? Are you inspired by any fictional characters? How have you been dressing lately? <3!

Creepy Cupcake Outfit

Somedays, I wake up and say to myself "I feel like dressing up like a cupcake today." Today was one of those days.
 What's a cupcake without stripes? I feel like cupcakes should all be pink with sprinkles and black-and-white striped paper wrappers, so I had hoped to emulate this message with todays outfit. I should have worn my petticoat under this skirt. :[
 The pink orchid and black glitter spider in my hair helped add to this creepy cupcake aesthetic, as did my spoon-necklace. What's a cupcake without some tea!
 I have taken to cutting the top bands of my stockings off and saving them to wear on my boots, like this. I had cut the top of a pink and white striped stocking, so I wore the pink band on the top part of my boot, like this.
 Showing off the black-and-white striped arm warmers that actually started out as legwarmers.
 I have plenty of striped socks and stockings, so I cut a hole in the sides of both of them and wear them as arm warmers. I realize now just how hard it is to find striped armwarmers, I find that my legwarmers were much cheaper and easy to find. <3!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Make-up Tutorial

I'm soooorry! I didn't mean to be gone for so long, school has been crazy. In penance, I decided to make a Gothic mash-up of everything for you all!

I had recently gone to Emilie Autumn's concert on February 4th (and had an AWESOME time!!!) and I got to go VIP this time too, yay! I uploaded all my photos to my Facebook page which you can view here:

Also, if you got The Asylum Newsletter recently, you will see this photo on the e-mail:
The gloved hand is my friend, my other friend is HOLDING Emilie's hand, and that's my pirate hat with the red bow in the lower right hand corner of the photo. TOO. AWESOME. FOR. WORDS.

Yesterday night, I came home tired and exhausted to a package on the table. It was from my friend Robert, he bought me gloves!
I LOVE these! They're black satin gloves with a lot of buckles and straps that run up my arms. They come to my elbows, and remind me a lot of The Crow. These are going to get a LOT of wear in these coming winter weeks. :D

For Valentine's Day, I bought some really pretty cupcake cards with these sweet little babies inside:
Cupcake erasers! They're so adorable, but not edible. I think I'll save one and make a hairbow or something out of it.

I wanted to wear black and red on Valentine's Day, but I was still feeling like a proper Captain from the E.A. concert, so I wore this outfit to school:
 Yup, I'm in the school bathroom again. :p
 Ignore the Target bag, it held all my Valentine's cards.
 My heart shaped patch, I love it to ribbons!
My normal photo face. Beware of the spoon! :D

And last but not least, I made a new make-up tutorial! It's like my other one, but a little longer. I feel weird when I watch people's make-up tutorials and they take a minute to put on mascara, a minute to find their brush, apply lipgloss, etc. I like my sped up versions, but let me know if you actually want to watch five minutes of me applying fake eyelashes in my tutorials. :P

I hope you enjoy! <3!