Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Going out-fits

The weekend before I went camping, my boyfriend Chris and I went to my first club! It was an 80's club, and I was the youngest one there. Everyone else was at least 30+, so it was a pretty chill atmosphere. No fights, no drunken idiots, but awesome 80's music.

In all honesty, we weren't expecting to go much of anywhere that night. We were at a promenade and he said "Hey, have you heard of the Hully Gully?" From there, we set out and had a pretty awesome night.

I'm GLAD I dressed more goth that night (big boots, fishnets, black mini, black shirt with skeletal hands, red lipstick, Spooky [my coffin backpack], etc). Even though everyone else there was dressed pretty normally, it was my first time! I'm glad I was a "well dressed" goth for my first club outing. :3

I received several compliments on my outfit too. :3
We had a lot of fun dancing. The part that made me laugh the most is when Chris and I were dancing and we started kissing before we left the club. The bouncer looked at me kinda scared and I realized why when we got to the car- my red lipstick was AAAAAALL OVER my face! It really looked like blood! He had kissed me on my neck too, so I had these huge red splotches on my neck, gah! I wiped it all off as best I could, dabbed on a LOT of foundation powder, and re-applied my red lipstick. I didn't mind, he looked worse than I did. XD

The next morning, Chris told me about a club in Long Beach (whos name evades me, argh!) and said there would be a band playing he thought I would like. This time, I KNEW I would be going out, so I managed to take more time getting ready and getting all gussied up.

The full length mirror shot

The upper body close up shot.

The "I want to bite you" shot.
I wore a tank top dress with a black lace shirt that had poufy sleeves under a red and black corset I bought recently. Then some (non-holey) fishnets with my high heeled Mary Janes with Spooky and some pretty silver jewelry.

It wasn't a goth club but just a normal club. In L.A. In Huntington Beach. I knew a lot of quintessential California girls and boys would be there in flip flops and bleached hair, so I took a stand for my Spooky beliefs and dressed like a tall crystal glass of blood. :D

The band WASN'T playing that night, but we still had fun. What are your stories? What are your going out-fits? <3!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hello gothlings!

Sorry for the long silence. I was camping with family for about a week, then I started at my first college (I'm currently enrolled in two), blah blah abllflah...

Okay, so I learned just how hard it is to maintain a gothic look while camping, for a week, with 8 family members, 400 miles away from home. Our trailer is tiny, so we were all packing light. And mind you, for me, one luggage filled with clothes IS light. One pair of boots IS light. Very minimal make-up and jewelry IS light as well.

At Lake Tahoe, I knew I'd have to wear shorts with the occasional pants for if it got chilly. I'd definitely be taking boots (Doc Marten's), some fishnets, and tops, as well as something to perpetually cover my skin so as not to burn (my trusty black zip-up hoodie). Given the fact that I wasn't wearing frilly skirts and corset tops, I think I did okay. Just remember one thing, LOTS OF SUNSCREEN.

What happens in Nevada, stays in Nevada...

They found my dungeon of mutilated virgins. :[

My cousin's and I (and my cousin's fiance and chihuahua).

Darn scooter man! >:[

Conquering the rapids! In purple lipstick!

My uncle's family and I, yes I'm in the water. :]

My cousin's photo.
Have you ever been away from home, living out of a luggage, and trying to keep your fashion sense of self about you? How did you manage? Discuss. <3!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY shirt graphics

Hello gothlings!

Have you ever seen people wearing those tank tops with graphics on the front and think "I can make that!" Well, I'll show you all my little trick of making all sorts of tank tops. Witty sayings, cool graphics, and when tank tops are about a dollar each (depending on where you buy them), you can mutilate them to your hearts content! :D

Tools needed: A computer, Sharpie(s), and tape.

So, first things first. On your computer, open Paint. Yup, just simple paint. For those of you who don't know what it is, on the lower left hand side of your computer screen, it says "Start". Click on that little sucker, then "Programs" then "Accessories." There under the list of accessories, click on the one that says "Paint." A window will open and it looks like this.

On the left side, there are two rows of tools that you can use to play with. On the row to the right and the fifth one down is the letter "A." Click that, then click anywhere on the white part of the window where your "blank sheet of paper" is at. Your screen should now look like this.

In the dotted box, write whatever slogan or saying you'd like it to say. Use the tools provided to change the text, the text size, and you can use the dark blue corners and sides of the dotted box to take up more space on your "blank sheet of paper" like this.

Now, put on your tank top. Place the tape around where you'd like your graphic on your tank top and center it on your body, using the straight tape as a guide. Once you have it placed where you want it, slip the tank top over your computer moniter screen. Center the graphic over the tape you just placed and tape the shoulders of the tank top to your computer.

Time to break out the Sharpies! I used black (as per usual), but you can use whatever colors you like. Using the Sharpie, start putting dots on the outline of your graphic like this.

Black Sharpie on white tank top picks up pretty well, so there's no need to press hard. Besides, if you do, you'll get marker on your computer screen, and I don't know it if comes off that well. Once you're done, untape your tank top from your moniter and slide a board/newspaper under it. This way, when you color it in, it won't bleed through.

Start coloring in your tank top.

 Once you have it completely filled in, let it dry for a few hours near a window or somewhere where it can ventilate (unless you like Sharpie fumes... like me).

Once it dries, slip that sucker on and wear it with pride/insanity/muffins.

Your finished product will come out perfect and straight every time. You can use scissors to alter the neckline to create the "gnawed on by Plague Rats" look, or embellish with whatever as well. I like this method more than most because you don't have to make trash or throw anything away so it's eco-friendly (except for maybe the fumes).
Tea stains at bedtime

Never mind the cheese, seeee the tooooop...
Damn, I got really tanned that summer...

Or pour bleach on a black tank for this result (Warning: MESSY).

Save a life, mutilate a tank top! <3!