Sunday, November 18, 2012

Girl's Night Out

My friend Erla and I went out last night! Here she is, um... brushing a spider off of my shoulder. ... yes, shoulder... 
Erla and I go to the same school and have the same voice instructor, Dr. Kane. She was having a performance last night, so Erla and I strapped on our high heels and headed out to see her. We drove out to Hollywood, the city of broken dreams and endless one-ways! The venue was a nice little club called The M Bar. I still have no idea what the "M" stood for, maybe it stood for money because the place was pretty beautiful inside.
 Everything was red- the table cloths, the seats, the booths, the curtains. It was all red velvet or some form of very luxurious red fabric that made you want to run your fingers through it. There were multiple chandeliers as well, like the one's pictured above Erla and her boyfriends' head. I need one of these for my bedroom. ><!
There were tables set up right against the stage, just look at how fancy that table looks with the piano in the background! It was a very intimate setting with just about 200 capacity or less. There were a few people from school that came along as well, it was so wonderful to see such friendly faces in a beautiful place like this.
This was the bar area, and I actually loved it. The whole place had the feel of a 1920's speakeasy and, being a lover of anything vintage, I instantly fell in love with it.
Here were some of the beverages consumed (classy, right?). I bought that mini bottle of Martinelli's cider for Dr. Kane. I figured she'd have all the roses in the world, so I wanted something classy yet unique just for her. I festooned it with plenty of Gothic black ribbons, they make any occasion festive.
We had a wonderful dinner and show. I wanted to show respect, so I didn't take any photos during the performance. It was wonderful. She sang opera arias, Edith Piaf, musical theater, and she even played the ukulele! It was such a wonderful night. A few of us were a bit too tipsy to drive, so we went to Denny's for some much needed caffee. Here are my cups, I like to double fist.
Across the street was some ridiculous bar with women wearing all sorts of revealing outfits even though it was 50 degrees AND raining. We entertained ourselves by watching them pass by and commenting on what we imagined their social life to be like. It was a wonderful night indeed! <3!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Outing

Hello lovelies! My boyfriend Chris and I had a random outing after school (hence the book bag) and I thought I'd share.

I NEVER go shopping in malls/stores, I always buy stuff online except for like... underwear. When I walked in to some surf store, I was greeted by a few hand models.
Seriously. Hand. Models. What the crap?... am I missing something here?
I stumbled outside and promptly fainted, after arranging myself uponst a red clothed table in the center of the plaza, that is.
What? If you're gonna faint, might as well do it with some style and grace.
Sleeping as soundly as the (un)dead. X3  <3!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

IHOP breakfast

I completely forgot to post this a while back ago! This was the FIRST time my friend Erla and myself went to IHOP. Don't we look so young and innocent. ^^;
This stuff right here is soooo good. You put it in coffee, BAM! Instant goodness.
I found out that Erla likes to drink her coffee like soup. She mixes it all up then drinks it like this. She's an odd little sheep.
Myself, however, lack such... "finesse"...
Soon, our food came. This is Erla's plate, it looks soo good and healthy with the spinach and the mushrooms!
Myself, however...
Okay, so I eat like a 10 year old at summer camp! Who cares? I'm curvy for a reason. I got a good reminder from my Tapatio bottle of this simple fact too.
After our first carafe of coffee, we had to ask for more creamer. We decided to make our caffination session easier by segregating the sublime from the plain.
My bag bunny came out for a drink or two as well. He couldn't handle his syrup, unfortunately.
Altogether, a wonderful day of breakfasting and coffee was had. :3 <3!

Monday, November 12, 2012

"Asleep" by The Smiths Cover

I was feeling nostalgic today, so I made a video for all you ennui souls.

I did a cover of "Asleep" by The Smiths. I hope you all like it! <3!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bee sting

With an awful story about to come, I choose to redeem myself with some pretty Gothic photos of myself. I LOVED this sofa!
My friend Erla took these photos of me in the ladies dressing room in the theater department at school. They make me feel a bit better about myself... and the horrific tale to come. 
Funny thing is, I chose to dress a bit like Synthetic Doll today. She always wears all black and is super lovely, so I wanted to dress like her and feel good about myself.
Good thing I did. My self-esteem would need a boost today.
And here's the awful truth.
I had JUST gotten to school. It had just turned 8am and I was sitting outside the theater department, writing in my diary when a bird flew overhead and I felt something hit my hair. I thought "Dear God, PLEASE tell me that a bird didn't just sh** in my hair!" So I reached back and... 
Yup, a bee stung my hair. The stinger had gone in SOO deep, I had to fish it out with a safety pin that I "sanitized"... with fire. Yeah, it SUCKED.
The health center didn't open until 8:30am which meant that I had to wait HALF AN HOUR to receive medical services. Joy. But also, the bee incident was also technically an accident that happened on campus. What does that mean, you ask? Insurance forms, I say. INSURANCE FORMS. ... FOR A BEE STING.
And what else could possibly add insult to injury than trying to fill out insurance forms with a hand that hurts like hell? How about this- I needed to get a tetnis shot! Since it was an accident that led to a "break in the skin", the school could get sued if they didn't treat it as a rusty nail or something of the like. So, as if the sting and the forms and the humiliation wasn't enough, now I needed a shot. IN THE SAME ARM AS THE BEE STING.
Yeah. I suppose mother nature has a reason to be pissed off at us- global warming, destroying trees, cutting down forests, oil spills in the ocean. I'd like to think that I paid my due to mother nature. Hopefully, karma will save me from the shark attack it was planning next week and I'll get off with a slap on the wrist. Well, a sting on the thumb anyway. <3!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

IHOP, Birthdays, and Dinner- oh my!

It was a lovely Friday morning, so a friend and myself went out for breakfast! Vladimir tagged along. He likes coffee to wake him up in the mornings, vampires are AWFUL morning people. Just look at that sarcastic smile!
My friend, Erla, gave him a few snuzzles and his mood improved some. He can be such a little brat sometimes!
He insisted I use the "blood syrup" on my waffles. I'm not really a fan of strawberry syrup, but my how his eyes lit up when he watched the deep red, thick, syrup drizzle on my waffle.
We ordered some blueberries with whipped cream. Vlad deemed it "Goth enough" for our waffles and allowed us to consume it (after he tried it first, of course). 
He was so elated, he found a random Halloween orange crayon and drew us this little doodle.
Someone's been watching too much Slenderman.
After a brief adventure to Target, Erla and I went over to Andres dorm with gifts! Thursday was his birthday, so Erla bought him these sweet Avengers pajamas!
My gift is too sexy to show, but here's Andres with candy boobs.
Erla and I then traded off giving Andres piggy back rides. Look at his face, that is PURE joy! XD
He looks scared in my photo. O.o
Erla and I sang in a choir festival (which I FORGOT to take ANY photos! ><!) then went to our friend Tj's dorm for some dinner. He made us pasta and salad, he's a real good cook! He got Vlad's approval.
No seriously, Vlad was entirely appeased.
Tj then whipped out his classical guitar and started playing for Erla and I. Dinner and a show, isn't that sweet of him?
It was all over entirely too soon, and we had to go home. I was tired, it was such a long day, but I felt glad. I had brought joy to so many people today, whether by joining them or gifts or singing or just laughing over stupid jokes. I can't help but feel content. I took off my black lipstick and black dress and put on my fluffy purple bathrobe, Vlad too. It's time for some much needed sleep. <3!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012- Captain Jolie Rouge

For Halloween, I dressed up as (my interpretation of) Captain Jolie Rouge!
 There are no real details of her in Emilie Autumn's "Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls", so I set out and created what I thought Captain Jolie Rouge would look like.
 Let's start at the top. These are the feathers I chose, peacock and an ostrich feather. I put blue glitter on the peacock feather to bring out the "eye", as well as hand glued those sequins into place.
 This is my little tricorner hat. I bought this and didn't make it though, unfortunately. Next year!
 Red glitter skeleton hand (I glittered myslef) holding back my hair.
 Pearls! Cut and placed by yours truly.
A pearl haircomb (my mothers) and a little birdie I stole from a floral arrangement years ago. Since there were bobby pins holding down my tricorner hat, I put a little magnet under this little fellow and he stood right in place.
My face/make-up. I wanted to add black thick lashes with make-up streaking down my face, but didn't have enough time. I don't quite fit the bill of the mad Victorian Captain Jolie Rouge without it. Oh well, next time I guess.
 My necklace, Emilie Autumn of course.
My tank top, black lace sleeves (I made myself), and a salvaged red scarf/shawl. It's cold in the asylum.
 My corset and accouterments. I love how the reds match. X3
Close-up of my pocketwatch, my sugarspoon, and my locker key. I also wore 1 black glove and 1 red glove to match my 1 red/white striped stocking and my 1 black/white striped stocking. 
 Panniers! I am soo fucking proud of these things, I made them myself. I fought with them for a while, but I finally got them to obey me the night before. This is a photo of the front.
 This is a photo of the back. I added random "asylum" patches wherever I could.
 And just a random glamour shot of my red glove, rings, hair, and lips.
And that's my Captain Jolie Rouge costume! I wish I teased my hair and made it more messy, but I didn't have enough time to tease it properly. Oh well, I'll do that next year! :D <3!