Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fancy Date Night

A day before Chris and I began our 2 year excursion at college, we had a fancy date night together. Look at that pinky, faaancy. 
We got some appetizers along with almonds and olives. Chris is allergic to almonds, and I really don't like olives too much. These olives were good though, they had this garlicy/salty taste to them and I liked them. Straaange. 
 Chris lookin' all pensive as he drinks. You can tell that he really made an effort to dress up extra classy. :D
I ordered some tacos, and this was Chris' steak. That thing was huuuge. I have no idea how he ate all of it. 
 Vlad tagged along, and he ate the remainder of Chris' steak and washed it all down with a nicely aged wine. You can see from his stomach that he is really stuffed. No fancy date night is finished without holding your pet bats cape as he's sick in the bathroom. <3!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taco's Tattoo

Last week when my friend Jakk (pictured left) decided to get a tattoo, Taco (pictured right) decided likewise. 
 Yes, his nickname is Taco. His name is Daniel... don't ask.
He had a tattoo idea stirring in his head for a time now, so where does he decide to get his first immortalized design of pain?
On the most painful place of course, his chest! (Let it be known, he didn't shave his chest, he's just... yeah).
He took the pain pretty well. He just lay back and let the tattoo artist do his work.
In the end, the artist threatened to ink his nipple black.
Taco took it bravely.
It was all in good fun. It's so cool to know that a tattoo artist who is a complete bad ass can joke around with us like that. :D
Here is Taco's new, fresh ink, still a little red and bleeding. And no, he did NOT get his nipple tattooed black. :P
We saw Resident Evil in the theaters afterwards, Taco had a fascination with his 3D glasses.
I had more of a fascination... for danger...
After an hour, Taco took the bandage off of his tattoo and showed off his ink.
That shiny thing in Jakk's hand, that's a knife. He tends to over-polish those suckers.
Aaaand he has a fascination with my face. ^^;
An overall good time with friends was had. They keep saying that I'm next up for a tattoo, eep! <3!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Costume Shenanigans

Chris and I went out and walked around the mall. We both have ideas in our head about what we want to be for Halloween, but still want some fresh ideas. This hot California weather has me going out of my mind though. It's hottt!!! 
It was getting pretty late, and I'm fairly certain that Chris and I were one of the last people in the mall. So naturally, with no one around to judge, on comes the embarassing, blackmail photos!
I started school this past Thursday, and I'm fairly ready to begin my first year in Grad school. Here's to the stressful times to come! <3!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

(OOTN) Outfit of the Night- Waist Cincher Edition

A while back, I received a package in the mail from my dear friend Jessica. I opened it up and inside was this beauty!
It's a white waist cincher with a black lace overlay! I love it! ^o^!
Jessica is such a delicate framed faerie, but I'm more of a... "curvy" kinda gal, and she wanted to make sure her waist cincher had a nice home. I love it, it's the PERFECT addition to my wardrobe.
 I know it's been a while since I posted anything lately, so I added a video for you too. I think I'll call these "Outfit of the Night" videos, or OOTN for short. There's a little piece of random trivia at the end, I hope you like it! <3!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jakk's 1st Tattoo

Yesterday, my friend Jakk got his first tattoo! I've never been to a tattoo parlor or seen a tattoo artist in action, so I decided to tag along. Naturally, I chose to document the experience for Jakk's pleasure as well as anyone else interested in tattoos.

I really like tattoos, but I don't have any. Do you guys have any ink you want to share? Feel free!

Until then, enjoy my faulty camera skills. :P <3!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Puppy Play Time!

 A little while back, Chris and I got to have puppy play time!
 We went to a nearby pet store and they have these rooms where you can play with a dog you're thinking of purchasing to see how you get along. I went to the bathroom and Chris got a room while I was away. I came looking for him and this is what I found!
 He was SOOO fluffy! This is him in mid-howl.
 He was a chow-chow, a few months old and all white. He was very energetic and very healthy, which is a rarity in pet shops I know.
 Here is Chris playing with the little guy. He pretends to not like animals, but I can see through his tough exterior.
 He was SUCH a sweetheart. Look at how nicely he sits as I stroked him. I was COVERED in a mountain of white puppy fur, but I didn't care. He was too cute to pass up.
And because I am an absolute fool and push-over for any animal, I made a short recording of him. Warning: Dangerous levels of cute and fluff to come. <3! 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September is here!

I am SOO glad! It's finally September and autumn is looming close! I can already taste all those Halloween candies, nom! I went out with le boyfriend to a concert and took some photos of my outfit, I was feeling more spooky this evening.
 I don't know why I'm holding my stomach like that, I look pregnant. :P
 I was feeling rather random, so desperate photo siege was battled!
 The Mr. Ed.
 The "Ermagerd".
 The "What's that smell?"
I was feeling especially random when I got home after the concert, so I made a short random video filled with Gothic shenanigans in it. There is a small cameo from my dog Spanky, see if you can spot him! <3! 

Bipolar Sushi and Slender Man

I got a new tank top and necklace! 
 Yup, that is the Evanescence "E" necklace you see. It matches up with my tank top nicely. :D
Soon after my package arrived, Chris and I went out for sushi!
 We got the calamari, never again! Just after this, we were so full. I couldn't finish my last California roll.
 And it was soo good too. But alas, there was fun to be had. Can you see what I did here?
 Maybe now?
 Haha, your eyes do not deceive you! I started making Slender man photos!
 I'll post them here just in case if you want to make some of your own.

 This last one is my personal fav. :3
I'd like to think that I made someone's day with these. People are never creeped out anymore. So if you live in my town, keep your eyes open. <3!