Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Treats!

It's not quite Halloween yet, but I like to indulge in some pre-Halloween treats.
In case you ever wondered which side of my tongue I stuck my lollipops.
Aside from stealing candies wherever I go, my uncle sent me a Halloween card! He never leaves his return address, but he always draws this little guy.
His name is Boots, a dog that my uncle had in his youth and he immortalized in cartoon form. And if that wasn't cute enough...
Just look at this card!
I won't show you what he wrote on it, but this is the inside message.
Little candy corn bats! I LOVE cards. No one ever goes out, buys cards, and mails them anymore. I'm all out of stamps, but you can bet that I sent him a card in return. :D <3!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Outfit and Oysters

It was a bit chilly today, so I opted for leggings on this chilly day. 
 Okay, so my leggings weren't THAT warm, but I can't help it. I hate it when I feel plain! ><!
 I felt a bit nostalgic for the old school monsters as well. I found this great Bride of Frankenstein shirt. I know green isn't my normal color, but I really like it. And what's more...
 I altered the back too. I gave it this great hourglass cut tapering off at my waist and flaring open at the bottom. It is very flattering to my feminine figure.
 Later that night, Chris decided to take me out to one of my firsts- oysters!
 They look... questionable...
 But I'm that type that doesn't knock it till I try it.
 So with half a dozen oysters between us, Chris and I dove in.
 They weren't all that bad.
 Okay, so they're gooey and look like boogers,  but when you add lemon and some salt to them, they're pretty tasty.
We also got these too. I can't remember what they're called, something like... Blue Bay shrimp? Costa Azul shrimp in Spanish.
The outside was shrimp wrapped in bacon...
 The inside help cheese. Nom!
Overall, a great evening. :3 <3!

Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Bleach Skeleton Sweater

This is going to be a tutorial on how to make a nice DIY bleach stained sweater jacket. 
So I had this plain black jacket lying around (literally. Look at it just lying there, the punk...) and I never really wore it. It was too... plain. So I decided to do something about it. 
You will need: a skeleton reference photo of some sort, chalk (or white eyeliner like I did), bleach, and a paintbrush.

I went online and found a photo to base my jacket on. I chose this one. 
 Simple, plain, and doable. I laid out my jacket and started sketching out my design. Just freehand it. If you don't like it, just rub it out. 
 Start at the top and start moving down. It might look goofy now, but it'll look better later.
 Start adding the lower false ribs. I know there are more false ribs, but I ran out of room. ^^;
Start filling in the parts you are going to bleach with some white chalk (or eyeliner like I did). This way, you won't get confused in the future.
 I decided that I wanted to add some spinal bones and the tops of the pelvic bone to my jacket. Just go down the center, adding the column, avoiding any buttons or zippers.
 Wing up your pelvic bones, and your jacket should look like this.
 I also added the spinal bones UNDER the flap where the buttons are, just in case.
 Go somewhere where you don't mind making a big bleach mess. My bathroom is ventilated, and I have tile floors so clean up is easy. Hang that sucker up.
 Here's the important part: DILUTE YOUR BLEACH WITH WATER. If you don't, the bleach will burn holes into your fabric and your jacket will fall apart. BELIEVE ME. It's happened with skirts. ><!
 Start painting on your bleach.
 It's best to start out light and make it darker as you go along so you get this cool ghost effect on your ribs.
 Don't forget those spinal bones.
 This should be your finished product.
 I decided to add some bleach drips on the jacket for added interest.
 A liiiiittle off, but nothing horrible.
 Aaand the hips.
 Here, you can see some of the bleach drips I added.
 Leave it to dry overnight where it can be left alone and wake up to the awesome.
 Not too shabby...
 I love the drip effect.
 Awh yeah, these hips don't lie.
 I left some ghost like brush strokes on for a cool effect.
 And you can see the spinal bones here with the other hip.
I'm very proud of this jacket, it's something that is MINE and cannot be found anywhere else. I hope you guys liked it too. <3!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY Lace Inserts

I have this cute black bodice, but the sides were too exposed for my taste. So I salvaged some old lace and turned it into this sweet little number. 
I like how the zipper, the black, the lacing, and the grommets are all rounded out with this sweet lace I bought at Joann's. This is what the bodice looked like before without the lace. 
 Nice, but a bit too exposed for my taste. This is what the zipper front looks like.
 So! For this tutorial, you will need: your bodice/tank top, lace, scissors, pins, and some sort of sewing apparatus. First, find where you want to place your lace. I already know where on the sides I want it (there are huge holes on the sides), so mark it out. All I had to do was pull out this ribbon.
 Place your lace where you want it to go. I just eyeballed it. I added about 2.5 inches of lace and cut it where I placed my scissors.
 Next, start pinning the fuck out of the lace. It's really squirmy, and you don't want to take any chances.
 Awhhh yeah, you ain't goin' nowhere!
 On the very edge of the pins, there is that zig-zag stitch. I decided that I was going to sew a zig-zag stitch on top of that zig-zag stitch to keep the seams clean.
 Take it over to your sewing machine and sew away. Or hand sew away, either or.
Now, pin the fuck out of the other side of your top. Sew it down likewise. 
 And this ought to be your finished result!
 Nice clean seams with some pretty itty-bitty Gothy lace poking out. :3
 And this is what it looks like now.
Conversely, if you just took a tank top and sewed up the sides with lace, it will look something like this. 
I really like these lace inserts, they add some Gothy girly class to my shirts (even if you're sewing in your underwear like me). Hope you like it! <3!