Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Post-Christmas Thoughts

Now that Christmas is over, I have some lingering thoughts (in photos) that I thought I'd spill out into a random blog post. :P

First things first- what color scheme do I choose for my tree?
While wearing a PVC skirt, fishnets, boots, corset, elbow length opera gloves, and clip-in devil horns, of course. I was feeling devilish, I went with hellfire red.
And now for the Christmas music. Forget Frank Sinatra, play something on a more sombre note. Think Classical, in a minor key, preferrably a dead composer.

A live orchestra will suffice too.
 Hehe, there was a santa hat on the bow. :3
The group consisted of a few woodwinds as well as cellos, violins, and violas (No upright basses, I'm afraid).
 Notice my "WTF?" onlookers. They were pointing at me seconds earlier. :P
And now for the snacks. An afternoon tea is a great idea, something light yet filling. Preferrably in this teapot as well.
I saw it in a store and wanted it. It's like a birdcage, but gloomy and pretty. Cages and tea equal a happy me. :D

On that note, we move onto a New Years Resolution- more stockings. 
I usually stick to black fishnets or something of the like, but I want to branch out this coming year with new stockings.
Okay yes, the lace is pink, but the black bows are sooo gloomy! I think they balance out nicely for that creepy, Kinder-bat look.
And they come with a friend on the end.
After dinner is consumed, dessert shall be served. I like ice cream.
Yes, I am attempting to lick him...

So these are a few things to remember this holiday season. Hope I've been of help! <3!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Presents!

Ah, Christmas- When you're a goth, giftcards are your family's best friend. :D

Okay, so my Christmas wasn't that bad. I had a pretty good time, and made out with some pretty cool gifts too. One thing for sure though, I made sure to make my gifts as spooky as possible.
 They're beauuuuuuuutiful! :D
 I think I liked this red ribbon most. :3
 The green was a send up for Christmas, but I don't like how colorful it is. That curl is too jolly... O,o
 And for the sweet innards, blood red tissue paper!
Well, if you're gonna rip something open, it has to have red innards right?

I didn't have too much money to spend on lavish gifts for my loved ones, so I tried to make the actual gifts as fun as possible. I wrapped more presents like this and had a veritable army; alas, this was the only time I remembered to take photos of my goth gifts. But I assure you, they were horrific!

On Christmas Day, I was awoken by this beast!
My black lab familiar! Her name is Emilie, she's wearing candy cane antlers. :3

And now, presents! My boyfriend, Chris, bought me this cute jacket.
 I feel like a gothic cupcake when I wear it. :3
It's so fluffy! I like to wear a tight skirt underneath, but poufy skirts are cute too. Even just a petticoat.
 My cousin Lorena bought me these dreamy pajamas.
 *Sigh* Oh Jack...
I love the striped hearts with the purple background, they match a pair of knee-high socks Chris bought me for my birthday. I love coordinating my pajamas. :D
My lovely friend Natalie bought me these stockings and a little vampire voodoo doll! I inserted a card so you could see that they were spiderwebs, aaaand...
 Spider bows!
Our family friend Kat bought me these lovely sinister hair clips. You can see them faintly in my previous post with my eyepatch, these are them close up.
 And of course, le lovely eyepatch. A gift from the lovely Jessica. :D
 This is my favorite fancy perfume that my momma got for me, I'm set for the year!
Aaand, some more sweet smelling gifts. My friend Robert bought me the perfume bottle on the left and my lovely friend Jessica bought me the oil on the right. They went so perfectly together. The bottle is gorgeous, and the oil smells like muffins. X3
This doll was a gift from my brother- it's a Monsters High Doll. I've never heard of them before, but I think love them now. If I ever have a daughter, she WILL be raised with these dolls. He also ordered me Bizenghast #1&7 (the only ones I don't have) and am earnestly awaiting their arrival. ^^!
And of course, the giftcards. A few are absent from this photo too. :/
All-in-all, le Christmas was cheery and full of good noms. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas as well. Next, how to have a miserable New Year! <3!

Monday, December 26, 2011

My Spooky Christmas

You know what they say about the holidays- Eat, drink, and be merry! For tomorrow, you dine with family. :P

Usually, people dress up nicely in pretty dresses or suits and have a nice dinner with family. Well, I decided to dress a little different this year.
Yes, I am wearing a heart shaped eyepatch. No, my eye is not injured. My friend Jessica gave it to me for Christmas and I love it to itty-bits! It's so cute! >.<!
Mini red glitter top hat with a veil, a sew-on patch glued onto my other eye, red skele-hand with a black rose on the other side of my head, choker, necklace, and parasol.
 Black lace sleeves (Self-made), black dress, corset, and to show off my holiday spirit...
Red and white striped stockings! :D
 High heeled Mary Janes completed this look. I think this is my new favorite outfit.
Yes, my neighbors were staring. ...I like scaring their children.

I really like this outfit! It's like... pirate meets Victorian street walker. I really think I'll wear this outfit to the Emilie Autumn concert in February, I feel like such a Captain!

As for the festivities, my family and I went to my uncle's house. I snuck a few photos when they were busy eating.
There were more of us, but the boys were playing video games and the girls were all chatting in my cousin's bedroom.
 Their lovely Christmas tree.
 Their fireplace and mantle with stockings. It was a bit warm that day, so they didn't turn the fire on. But yes, Frank Sinatra was permeating the air.
I didn't know Santa and his elves were there on Christmas...

Our family friends brought over a great assortment of delicious sugary sweets! Don't they look lovely!

Yes, I ate that cupcake. :3
I ate this one too...
I didn't eat the candy canes, or the sugar cookies, or the cranberry walnut cookies, but I had that chocolate chip cookie in the corner...
My cousin's made some cookies too. They kinda freaked me out because they looked like they were made out of playdoh, but they were so yummy! Obviously, I ate the heart-shaped red one. :3
Obligatory stocking shot.

Lots of presents were exchanged and bellies were filled to the brink (I don't think I want to hear the word "food" for another day or two @_@ ).

All-in-all, a nice lovely dinner was had. I hope you all had a wonderful, Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays. :D <3!

DIY Suffer Bear

Emilie Autumn fans will love this little guy.
For Christmas, I made my friend Robert a Suffer bear. For those of you who are not Emilie Autumn fans, Suffer is the pink shabby bear bestowed upon her by an army of rats, but more on that later.

Seeing as how my friend and I have a rather "unique" taste in things, I wanted to make something for my friend. And this little Suffer was super perfect!

You will need:
Fabrics (colors and designs to your own taste), a contrasting thread, a needle, scissors, pins, and paint. As well as the bear you choose to Suffer.

In all honesty, you can add anything: safety pins, buttons, ribbons, or grommets. It's all up to you, but here's the basics.

It's best to begin with the patches. If you start with the paint, you will have to wait for the paint to dry. I choose to add paint around the patches and what-not, so begin with the patches. First things first, an eyepatch!

No project is complete without copious amounts of tea of course.

Then more patches!

I like to add contrasting textures with one another. The bottom black swirly fabric is cotton and I added the silky striped fabric on top; that way, the cotton fabric stabilizes the silk.

I added a little patch onto his foot too.

When you have all the patches sewed down to where you want them, now we can paint! I chose to add some bloody tears.

I added some paint onto one of his hands like this:

Then rubbed his hands together in his enemies blood with the paint so it looked like this:

You can spread the paint around, I used a Q-tip because my paintbrushes were missing. ^^;

Then, just to add a layer to the paint, I added a dear old friend:

Using the same Q-tip, I added it where I felt it was needed.

It gave the paint a nice rosy sheen.

Let the paint dry and voila! Your Suffer is ready! I decided at the end to add a little something more to him.

Yes, a bitty heart.

I later added some black paint around the eye and hands to give it a grimy "I cried off my makeup" look too. He's so cute, and your friends will thoroughly enjoy evading the death traps he sets up to kill you too. I hope you all had a very safe and Merry Christmas! <3!