Sunday, October 23, 2011

DIY Holey tights

I don't know how most of these tutorials are turning into DIY stuff, but I think I'm just not too interesting to post too many personal posts on here. I think I'll make that my new goal, post more self photos of myself in outfits and stuff. I'll try!

The other day I saw a girl with black pants with holes in the knees (the kind you pay like $120 for) and thought "That'd look better if they were tights." A vampire red lightbulb went off over my head and I sought to create my vision of holey leggings.

This is the finished result: 
Holy shredded leggings Batman!

I must say, I didn't wear these just like this. I put some spiderweb fishnets underneath these and donned some heeled boots. If you like how these look, read on.

Full-length mirror
10 minutes

These are what my leggings looked like without any stabs. Erm, I mean holes.
They're slightly sheer (because they stretch around my big butt, make sure you buy the right size ladies!) and have some black lace down where my legs pop out of. I'm not too crazy about the lace, but I've made my peace with it and we're on speaking terms now.

I started by making small cuts like this:

START SMALL. It's easier to widen a small hole, but impossible to shorten a big hole. With this cut, this was all the fabric I had to cut.

See what I mean by "start small"?

I also made sure to start well below my crotch and ass area. The last thing I need is for something unwanted to pop out. Pretend like you're wearing shorts on top, start from about there and work your way down.

You can see on my carpet that I had thrown the small pieces on the floor. This is why you need the trash bag. :p

Keep checking to see where you want to place the holes. Cut away. Mix it up and randomize where you put the holes.

Keep on going and voila! Your very own slashed holey leggings.

You could wear these reeeally holey for a deathrock look, or layered for a punk look. However you wear 'em, have fun! <3!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Parasol Beach (IMG Heavy)

For my parasols' maiden voyage, I took it to my cousin's birthday party at the beach and had a little photoshoot. These are all the photos we took that day.

They're also here on my Facebook, check them out there if it's easier on your computer:

Boots on the shore.

It was cold, so I left on my blazer in the morning.

I found a dead pelican.

His was a burial at sea.

They made me take off my sunglasses from here on. :[

Gah, smile.

You can really tell in these photos just HOW SHADY my parasol is. NO light passes through it.