Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hello gothlings!

Sorry for the long silence. I was camping with family for about a week, then I started at my first college (I'm currently enrolled in two), blah blah abllflah...

Okay, so I learned just how hard it is to maintain a gothic look while camping, for a week, with 8 family members, 400 miles away from home. Our trailer is tiny, so we were all packing light. And mind you, for me, one luggage filled with clothes IS light. One pair of boots IS light. Very minimal make-up and jewelry IS light as well.

At Lake Tahoe, I knew I'd have to wear shorts with the occasional pants for if it got chilly. I'd definitely be taking boots (Doc Marten's), some fishnets, and tops, as well as something to perpetually cover my skin so as not to burn (my trusty black zip-up hoodie). Given the fact that I wasn't wearing frilly skirts and corset tops, I think I did okay. Just remember one thing, LOTS OF SUNSCREEN.

What happens in Nevada, stays in Nevada...

They found my dungeon of mutilated virgins. :[

My cousin's and I (and my cousin's fiance and chihuahua).

Darn scooter man! >:[

Conquering the rapids! In purple lipstick!

My uncle's family and I, yes I'm in the water. :]

My cousin's photo.
Have you ever been away from home, living out of a luggage, and trying to keep your fashion sense of self about you? How did you manage? Discuss. <3!

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