Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Naughty Victorian Cosmetics Review

  Hello again, my Gothic lovelies! This blog is going to be a review of Naughty Victorian Cosmetics!

I was contacted by the maker to do a review of the product. I normally don't do this, I'm not getting paid or anything, but this product is great. It's vegan and cruelty free, which automatically made me want to give this product a try. This product is very affordable and delightfully wrapped. The maker also believes in sustainability and keeping extra plastic containers out of landfills, so if you keep the container and contact them when your product runs out, they will send you a prepaid envelope. Send them back the empty container and they will refill the container with the same formula for half off! Isn't that awesome?! 

They also have special codes that they send with their package, but I will go over the packaging a bit later. Let's get to this eye shadow first! This shadow is their Fairy Dust: Victorian Bubblegum, and I received the 0.5 gram container. 

The shadow comes loose like this with a black cap that screws off. I received the light pink, almost champagne colored shadow which is a GREAT color for many skin types. Ultra pale skin? Olive tone? Tanned beyond recognition? I've seen this color work great for many skin shades, and this product was no different.

I tapped some of the product into the lid so you can see how fine and spreadable this is, not to mention the shimmer in the color as well. It's ultra fine, so it's not a big glittery mess. There is just the right amount of shimmer involved in the product. 

I took a closer shot of this shadow, you can see how fine the shimmer and color are in this product. Soo lovely!

Taking a small brush, I put three straight lines on the back of my hand then spread a layer after the third thinner line to show its spread-ability. As you can see, it spreads VERY smoothly. I took multiple shots in different lighting to show you how it looks. Same hand, same applications, different lighting.

I applied this eye shadow to my own eyes see how it would work with my skin. I applied it to the whole of my eyelid as well as under my eyebrow arches. You can see where I added this shadow just above my eyeliner and spread it up into the other eye shadow (my own) in my crease. I did this to test its lining abilities, its smudge factor, AND its blending ability with my other make-up products. As you can see, this shadow is a great all around.  

Back to my original lighting, here are more shots. You can see more shimmer about my eyelids. Getting closer, you can see that the light, champagne color really compliments my face as well as complimenting my other shadow. This proves that this product works well and knows how to play nice with other products.

Eyes opened, the light pink calls attention to my brown eyes. This color brings a wonderful animation, illumination, AND dimension to my eye. 

Needless to say, this product is awesome and I'm in LOVE with it. Its very name "Victorian Bubblegum" is a great description of the eye shadow, which is reminiscent of the sweet, sugary pink color of bubblegum. Now, onto the packaging! In the envelope, I received several bits of paper with it which looked like this. I crossed out the codes myself for obvious reasons. 

If these examples of stripey loveliness wasn't enough for you, just look at this box! The light pink tissue paper and the placement of the sticker were just beautiful to open. 

I'm a sucker for packaging, so I wanted to show just how much love goes into each individual box. Not to mention, you could order this for a friend or someone's birthday and it's already set!  

These lovely eye shadows are wrapped up like bits of candy in this wonderfully shiny hot pink cellophane paper, then tied off with silver twist ties. It's so delightful, something girls and women would instantly be called to. 

Unwrapping this delightful little treat, I was greeted by the Naughty Victorian emblem- a Victorian girl chewing gum and blowing a sugar pink bubble. This product is wonderful! Just the wrappings and logo alone make me think of Marie Antoinette if she were alive and a teenager today, all frills, lace, and bubblegum! 

Needless to say, this is a great product to have. The eye shadow is luminous and spreadable, as well as having a fine shimmer to make your skin noticeably lovely. No matter your background or appearance, this product is for those creative of ones' age. This truly brings out the timeless beauty inside of us all and goes to show that it's always fashionable to be unique.

This was a wonderful product to have and review. I hope it brings to you all the pleasure that I had, I hope you enjoyed it! <3!  


Anonymous said...

The eyeshadow really pretty. Do you have any perfumes you like to wear?

Serenity said...

Yess, I LOVE Estee Lauders' "Beyond Paradise". It's a bit expensive, so I usually go for oils that I mix myself into my own blend. I stick to gardenia, honeydew, and amber. <3!

Anonymous said...

If you like perfume oils try etsy. They have tons to try and choose from. You can even get samples to try out as well. One of my favorite vendor is Deepmidnightperfumes.

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