Monday, May 2, 2011

My Dwelling Place

Hello, my Spooky-inclined friends!

So, I get some questions sometimes asking me "What are you?"

I'm sure that a lot of the darkly clad culture might get this question or something of the sort asking just why they're wearing boots with a dress and a mini-top hat and a parasol. I know, I don't ALWAYS dress that way. I do have work and I do have school, and going to school (well, MY school) with my most eclectic items wouldn't really be a good idea.

Sometimes I like to dress like an Ophelia which the equation is something like this: 1 part Victorian + 1 part Spooky + a splash of tea affinity + and a dash of Shakespeare love. Mix it in your favorite teacup and smash it against your vintage Victorian wallpaper and this is what you get:

(Note: This is NOT me, this is the amazing Emilie Autumn whom you should listen to right now).

I impliment the use of black more than white because I don't think too much white looks good on me, but you get the general idea.

Yes, I have an affinity for tea and picnics in the cemetary (seriously, I'll post some pictures in a later post) and corsets and ribbons and lace and poetry. So if people ask if I'm goth, I usually say "No, I just like imitating the life of a girl gone mad that (possibly) committed suicide in the 1600's or so."

And smile.

So what does the room of such said girl look like? Well, my room is a mess right now, but I can show you my walls at the very least. Usually before starting a sewing project, I'll look through magazines and clip out stuff and put it on my wall. I have a fairly large room with my own bathroom and a door that leads directly to my backyard, so bear in mind the space that this stuff occupies. 

(Click on any of these images for a larger look at the crap that occupies my brain)

This is the whole wall over my headboard, and here are the close ups.

And on the opposite wall, just by my television and behind my door.

This mural is just photos of my family and friends that I love and care about, but it also is pretty big.

And because I can- my filled bookcase with ipod dock, records and record player, Christmas lights, fake flowers, high school banner, college Homecoming float piece, pile of books BESIDE my bookcase, and my violin case. That door leads to my bathroom.

And now you know where I live!  .....


ultimategothguide said...

I love the walls full of pictures... how amazing and inspirational. You could never have a badly-dressed day with all those fabulous images looking down at you!

Anonymous said...

I ws just cliking around blogspot, and your blog popped up.
It was your wallpaper that stopped me.
Im new here, but ijust wanted to say, your rooms remnds me of 80s movies teen rooms.
except, you kno, goth.

Serenity said...

Thank you both. Amy: definitely, sometimes when lazing in bed before the day has begun, I just stare at my wall until an outfit idea comes to me. Jane: Hahaha! Yeah, I've gotten something of the like before regarding my walls. Thank you. And I love your "Lady Godiva", the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood painters are my absolute favorite. <3!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Um, I apologize for the bad spelling. That's what I get for web-surfing while intoxicated :/

Serenity said...

Haha! That's alright, Lord knows we've all slipped some rum into the tea every now and then. <3!